A Closer Look at Genshin Impact

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Genshin impact” is a brand new RPG that is currently gaining popularity in the gaming community. Initially released on September 28th of this year, it made its way to PC, PS4, and Mobile Devices as a free-to-play title.

Genshin Impact” takes some inspiration from “Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild”. It shares a similar art style for its overworld as well as similar combat. Luckily the game manages to break away from being a Breath of the Wild Clone in a variety of different ways. 

Genshin Impact has a similar overworld
Genshin Impact shares a similar art style to Breath of the Wild.

Gacha Aspects

One of the main features of “Genshin Impact” is its Gacha system. Like any free-to-play game, there will always be something for the consumer to purchase. This can be gems, crystals, or anything that can be labeled as a premium currency. 

Using the Gacha, players can redeem Wishes in exchange for Primogems. These can be earned by exploring the world, redeeming daily quests, or completing quests. They are also available for purchase in the menu shop. Wishes can give you a variety of rewards. These can range from Characters, Items, and weapons. 

Genshin Impact Gacha System | Is There a Character Gacha?

Every 10 hits of the gacha reward the player with a guaranteed epic or higher-level item or character. Having this certainty can be reassuring when the luck of the roll is involved. The gacha is also tilted slightly in your favor through Genshin’s events. Various characters gain an increased probability for a limited time. 

Character Event Wish
Character events can be viewed in the gacha store.


One of the biggest draws to the game is the variety of collectible characters. All players will start off with one of the two characters. The first character is known as “The Traveler”. They are the main protagonist of Genshin’s storyline. However, you are not restricted to having them be a required party member. 

Genshin Impact Character select
You can choose one of two characters to start with.

Players can choose up to four characters to form their party. Once again, you can collect these through gameplay or through wishes. Each character has their own fighting style, abilities, and aspects. Try mixing and matching these to complete different missions and to tackle harder enemies. 

Genshin Impact’s roster makes the game interesting. Each character feels unique with their own backstories and personalities. It becomes really easy to find a character you enjoy playing as. Given the variety of character designs, it is also a perfect source of inspiration for cosplay enthusiasts.

Genshin Impact Party system
Assemble your party using your favorite characters

Ease of Access

One of the more convenient features of “Genshin Impact” comes in the form of its cross-saves. It is very easy to hop on your PC and play the game and then take the game with you on the road. You don’t have to be home to play. While the mobile version won’t have the graphical settings of a PC you can still access your account simply by logging on and continue right where you left off. 

This makes it much easier to collect your daily rewards, check your mail for gifts, and get in some gameplay. Unfortunately, Playstation drops the ball as it doesn’t allow this feature. Console users will need to start a new game if they want to play. The game is also confirmed for a Nintendo Switch Port. However, full details have not been released yet. 

Leveling Up Characters and Weapons

Level up Tickets replace traditional leveling. Other RPG games will give your character a certain amount of XP when killing an enemy or completing a quest. “Genshin Impact” however does half of this while substituting the later half with tickets. When you earn a ticket it grants a character an XP boost. The amount of XP depends on the level of the ticket. You can use these tickets on any of the characters you have obtained. You don’t need to be actively using them on a quest or in your party at the time of a mission’s completion. 

Weapons have their own system of leveling up. Instead of tickets, weapons use a variety of crystals for most of their XP gains. Like tickets, crystals can be used on any weapon to immediately add XP to any weapon. You can also convert other weapons into XP. However, duplicate weapons are best used for refining a weapon which will give a boost to their abilities. 

Genshin Impact” is really easy to get into especially if these kinds of games are to your taste. The game will start you off with a bunch of starter characters as well as enough Primogems to hit the wishes early. Getting a starting party together and a few weapons to last you the first 20 levels is simple. Sticking around to the endgame can prove a much more difficult task.

The Grind

One of the most frequently asked questions concerning a gacha game is “How bad is the grind?” For those new to gacha games or RPGs in general, the grind is usually the amount of time you spend earning currency or XP in order to level up or get further in the game. To give you a quick answer, it depends on how long you stick around.

Ascending a character is the start of the grind. New characters are capped at level 20. However, you can ascend them by collecting various items in order to level them up further. Money and level tickets are your goal. Some of the best rewards require a resource known as Original Resin.

Resin refills with time

You can use this resource to perform a variety of tasks. The most important task is to collect rewards from ley line activities and boss battles. Here is where the free to play aspect hits you. Original Resin will need time to replenish. This usually consists of waiting a couple of minutes per resin with a cap of 120. Added up, you will need to wait a few hours a day before the gauge fills up to the top. You can skip the wait by spending Primogems.

The deeper you get into the game the more you will feel the grind. If you intend to try “Genshin Impact” but don’t feel like committing to it in the long run then you will get a decent amount of play value without spending a dime. If you decide to stick to it and really commit to following the game and its updates then prepare for more of a grind to level up your characters and equipment. 


If you are interested in trying out “Genshin Impact” you can follow the link here to download it for PC. You can also download it for mobile on your corresponding app store. Whether you’re interested in this type of game or not, I do think it is worth trying at least. You might think nothing much of the game or you might end up getting addicted.

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