Sekiro Update Adds New Features to Test Your Skills

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Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is known by many as a pretty damn good game. It even won Game of the Year last year it was so good. So it’s hard to find anything that would make the game better. From Software decided that with the release of the Game of the Year edition, the year and a half old game needed a few extra features, most of which are definitely positive additions. The update is available free to anybody who already owns the game, and is on all systems.

New Game Modes

With the update, From Software included new game modes for players to test their skills.

Reflection of Strength

This mode allows Sekiro players to replay any boss from the game as many times as they like. This is definitely a positive addition to Sekiro and gives players the chance to relive those great moments from the game. However, it doesn’t include any of the mini-bosses, which is fine by me.

It also helps players to see how much better they’ve gotten at the game. I remember when I first fought Gyoubu Oniwa and I died a lot, so I went back and beat him down without breaking a sweat. It’s amazing just how much better I was at the game.

Gauntlet of Strength

This mode scares me. This mode gives you one life to beat as many bosses as you can before you die. Which for me wouldn’t be very many. This is the ultimate test of your skills as a shinobi and I doubt many players will beat it. Anyone who can beat this mode is a god amongst men.

New Outfits

Beating each of the new game modes unlocks a new outfit to wear plus another one when you beat the main game. It’s a nice little addition and gives you something to prove that you’re actually skilled enough to beat the game. Plus the outfits look pretty good.


The remnants allow players to record a short clip of themselves doing something which other players can see in their game. They appear as a glowing sword in the ground that players can interact with. The recording appears as a ghost and follows the exact moves the player did. They’re similar to other mechanics from Dark Souls and Bloodbourne and will likely be a nice bit of nostalgia for most players.

However, I am not one of these players. The remnants make it so that a lot of areas in the game will just have a bunch of these glowing swords all over the place. And while I understand that they can be helpful, most of them are not. I saw one at the inner sanctum that was just somebody jumping around the room. And if you see one of a fight, you can only see the player so you have no idea what to look out for from the opponent. The remnants can also take away the excitement of finding a secret area, cause you can just follow the ghost.

I get it for people who are having a rough time, but I’ve already beaten the game so I really don’t need any tips. You can turn them off in the settings by going offline, so it’s really not that big of an issue.

While I have my issues with the remnants, the new Sekiro update adds a little bit more for players looking to prove their skills and gives them a reason to return to this masterpiece of a game.

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