Why There Should Have Been a Pirate Party Member in Baldur’s Gate 2

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In the Baldur’s Gate games there are numerous companions, yet we never saw a pirate party member appear in the series. I will be making a case for why there should have been a pirate party member in Baldur’s Gate 2. In Baldur’s Gate 2 there was a missed opportunity in my opinion, to include a pirate party member.

Firstly, allow me to set the picture. At one point in Baldur’s Gate 2, you travel to Brynnlaw, which is a small pirate isle. The pirate island town of Brynnlaw is a sandy seaside location, with a large dock and numerous ships. There are a few quests and you can get in a few altercations with pirates, while on the island. Such as stealing a ship to later escape the island.


Moving on, in the first part of Baldur’s Gate 2 there are 21 available companions to recruit. The problem that all these companions have, is that they are all around the same location, whether inside or outside the starting city of Athkatla. For many players the number of party members (21 but quickly reduced to 20 by the plot) can be overwhelming as after escaping the opening dungeon, nearly every companion in the entire game can be potentially recruited.

Having a party member on the island of Brynnlaw would have spread out the game’s companions nicely, rather than give the player the headache of having to choose which companion they should take or leave behind.


The Pirate Isle is a fun location, but sadly lacking in quests. Having a pirate party member on the island could let you do some fun pirate type companion quests. Certainly a nice break from the main story and a chance to use the pirate island to its full potential.

For instance, fights with buccaneers, corruption, stealing loot or even interacting with a pirate party member’s former crew or captain. In addition to this, a pirate party member could solve any possible thief issues a party may have.


To conclude, there was a great opportunity to include a pirate party member in Baldur’s Gate 2. There was a suitable location and potential quest points as well. Such as the tavern or docks. I do feel that a pirate party member would have been unique and unlike the other party members.

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