Tips for Enjoying a Night at a Drive-In Movie Theater

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Believe it or not, drive-in movie theaters are making a comeback because of COVID-19. Beyond our unique circumstances, though, drive-ins are also simply unique and fun experiences. Who doesn’t want to go to a movie theater where you don’t have to socialize and you have control of the volume? Not to mention, in most cases, you’re getting two or more movies for the price of one! Before you can enjoy a drive-in movie with your family or significant other, you’re going to need some help. We’ve got you covered; here are some tips for enjoying a night at a drive-in movie theater.

Arrive Early and Park Near the Exit

Don’t be that person who shows up late and disturbs everyone by driving around to find the perfect spot. The perfect spot was taken hours before the movie started, so get there early to avoid parking in the nosebleed section. Here’s a pro tip for you: park near the exit if you can––this is important for two reasons. First, when the movie’s over, you can get out before the crowd. Second, if the film is a total bust, you can leave without bothering everyone else.

Bring Your Own Food if you Can

Drive-in theaters usually have concessions, so most drive-in theaters don’t allow outside food and drinks, or they charge you extra for doing so. Now, of course, we’re living in the world of COVID-19, so most drive-in movie theaters are allowing outside food and beverages since they can’t serve the public. In other words, they’re just happy to be open––but call your theater beforehand to find out, since the rules can vary by city and state.

Get a Portable Radio

If you want to enjoy the full movie experience, you’re probably going to want sound. Now, you could use your car’s radio; however, the problem with that is you need to turn your car off. If you’re using your car radio when the car’s off, you will drain your battery. In other words, talk about an awkward first date. For an overall better experience, bring a portable radio that’s battery- or solar-powered and listen to the movie through that radio.

Don’t Forget to Make Sure Your Car is Safe

Now, whether you’re going to the drive-in on your own, with your family, or with a date, your car ride there and back should be safe. There are several upgrades that make your car safer, but there are still some basic rules for you to follow. For instance, you should have a full gas tank before picking up your date. Additionally, you’re going to drive home in the dark, so don’t forget to ensure that your lights work.

Going to a drive-in movie is something that many used to reminisce about; luckily, these retro spots are coming back. Now that you know these tips for enjoying a night at a drive-in movie theater, you can go enjoy a fantastic film and have a good time with your loved ones.

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