Awesome First-Person Shooters for PC You Should Try Right Now

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First-person shooters are easily among the most popular games that people play. They offer an opportunity for players to become immersed in their worlds because of their perspective and are well suited to playing cooperatively and in competition with others. You’ve probably played a few already, but which ones are truly great? We’ll take a look at some of the best first-person shooters for PC here.

DOOM Eternal

A recent release, DOOM Eternal has proved to be a fine addition to the popular franchise. The key elements you’ve come to love about all DOOM games are here: demons, an exceptional metal soundtrack, and lots of brutal gore. The diverse enemy types have different vulnerabilities for you to discover, and you have control over what drops you get after defeating them depending on the weapon you use.

Speaking of weapons, those enemy weak points mean that you’ll be getting satisfying use out of all of them, since each one has a singular purpose. Rather than limiting you to one style, the game encourages you to play with the entire arsenal while you keep moving at a fast pace around level layouts.

Rainbow Six: Siege

In contrast to many other first-person shooters out there, Rainbow Six: Siege stands apart thanks to its emphasis on careful strategy and communication among team members. There’s variety to the game mode objectives, while overall, you play in either an offensive or defensive role as you attempt to overcome your opponents’ efforts.

Aspects like the careful utilization of scouting drones and the ability to destroy the environment not only expand what you can do, but they also bring up the tension as you inch toward your goal. You have to remain alert to both sights and sounds at all times. This is a game where headphones are going to come in handy. There’s also a large list of operators you can choose from, each with unique abilities and different combinations of weapons and gadgets, keeping the game fresh.

Team Fortress 2

Over the years, Valve has continued to refine Team Fortress 2 into one of the best first-person shooters for PC with a plethora of updates that still occur to this day. Now, the game is free to play. The modes it includes allow you to compete against other players in teams with varying formats or to work cooperatively against robotic enemies, among others.

And while it is accessible to any casual gamer, the game also offers enough depth for the competitive-minded as well. There are nine characters you can play as, whom you can customize aesthetically and equipment-wise to your liking, with weapon choice dramatically changing how they function. Moreover, you have the ability to craft and trade items with each other. Wrap all this up in a pervading sense of lightheartedness, and it’s easy to see why it has such a broad appeal.

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