4 Modern Subcultures You Need to Know About

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In today’s busy world, many people find solace in online and physical communities, where they can share their thoughts. These can be for sports, movies, bands, and even video games. In fact, the arts and entertainment industries have a lot of subcultures that are inclusive and engaging. There are some modern subcultures you need to know if you want to meet likeminded individuals who share your favorite visual arts, too.

Role-Playing Gamers

Role-playing gamers are commonly associated with tabletop and live-action role-playing games. One of the most common games is Dungeons & Dragons, which was created in 1974. Since then, it has gone through numerous edition changes with new monsters, races, classes, and rules of play. The person leading the group is called the Dungeon Master (DM), while each player creates their own character. The players then roll dice to determine their actions and decisions. Many people like these games due to the creativity and imaginative thought that goes into designing their characters, quests, and worlds.


Furries are a subculture in which people dress as anthropomorphic animals that exhibit humanistic personalities and characteristics. These include human intelligence, facial expressions, speaking, or wearing clothes. Many furries create and wear their costumes to replicate their characters. Furries have been around since the 1980s, starting through fanzines. The culture uses science fiction and fantasy to create a world of self-identification. With that, most furries identify with the visual art, conventions, literature, and online communities to bond and talk to other members in the community.


Steampunk is a futuristic subculture that incorporates science fiction and history into a retro Victorian-era society where gadgets and inventions play a big role. In this world, industrial steam power is mainstream. Steampunk uses a lot of innovation to mimic the way in which people in the 19th century envisioned the later centuries. The fashion, culture, architectural style, and art in this community all incorporate elements of this vision.


Lastly, cosplay is one very popular modern subculture you need to know about. It involves dressing as your favorite comic, video game, movie, television show, or anime character. Some traditionalists dress strictly according to the costume, while others are more lenient. Still, it is an inclusive subculture that many people find welcoming, which is one of the main reasons to join into cosplay culture. Many cosplayers attend conventions where they can show off and see other costumes while conversing and meeting like-minded people.

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