Escape from Tarkov Weapon Modding Guide for Beginners

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Weapon modding in Battlestate Games’ Escape from Tarkov is a rather complicated affair. There’s Functional Mods, Vital Parts, and Gear Mods. All have their own subcategories, such as Sights and Muzzle Devices for the first one. Looking at the list of mods can be a daunting prospect, but don’t worry! This article will help you figure out how to build your Tarkov modding weapons.

How and Where to Get Mods

The easiest way to get mods is through Escape from Tarkov trading. Shopkeepers such as Skier and Peacekeeper will offer weapon mods if you’ve leveled them up enough. The Flea Market will also have them for sale. Make sure you have enough Roubles to get what you need.

You can also get mods from raids. Certain containers such as weapon boxes have a higher chance of spawning these items. You’ll have to be fast and/or lucky though. Otherwise, you can get them off dead players.

Why You Should Mod Weapons

When you examine a weapon in Escape From Tarkov you see its stats. Those stats include Ergonomics, Accuracy, Sighting Range, Vertical and Horizontal Recoil, and Muzzle Velocity.

Here is a brief explanation of each stat:

  • Ergonomics – Higher values mean you can handle the Tarkov guns better. Reloading, aiming down sights, and switching from and to it will be faster.
  • Accuracy – How close your hits are to where you’re aiming.
  • Sighting Range – How far you’ll be able to zoom in when you aim down sights.
  • Recoil – Lower values mean less recoil, limiting the bouncing and sway of the gun as you shoot, making you more accurate overall.
  • Muzzle Velocity – Influences how fast and how accurate your shots are.

Mods manipulate these stats. Sights, for example, influence the weapon’s Accuracy and Sighting Range. Stocks and Grips usually increase Ergonomics and lower Recoil. Suppressors muffle the noise a gun makes but also lowers Muzzle Velocity.

Figuring out a good combination of mods will make your gun more effective. A more effective gun lets you survive more often to get more loot.

Mod Types and What They Do

Functional Mods increase the function of the weapon. Flashlights, Foregrips, Laser Target Pointers, Muzzle Devices, and Sights fall under this category. They typically modify Accuracy and Ergonomics.

Vital Parts include Barrels, Gas Tube Blocks, Handguards, Pistol Grips, and Receivers & Slides. Some guns won’t function without them, hence the ‘vital’ in the name. Only a few actually change the stats of the weapon.

Gear Mods encompass the rest. Stocks & Chassis, Mounts, Magazines, Grenade Launchers, and Charging Handles fill this category. Mounts create a space for other mods to be added. Some guns such as assault rifles, sniper rifles, marksman rifles, and machine guns need it so you can add a Sights mod, for example. The category is a grab bag. Some will certainly increase the stats of your weapon. However, others have a useful function despite the detrimental effect on the gun’s stats. It’s up to you to choose which ones to use!

A Little More Information

You can check which mods are compatible with the weapons you own by examining the Escape from Tarkov items. A window will pop up, and one of the options there is ‘Compatible with Available’. Hover over the arrow on the side, and it will show which guns can accommodate the mod.

One method you can use to figure out weapon builds is by looking at the Flea Market. Filter for the weapon you want to build and look at the more expensive offers. You can examine the gun for the mods applied to it. You’ll then have an idea of which ones to get.

There’s also the Link Search option to see a listing of all the mods the weapon can accommodate. It’s a method for filling in empty spaces in the modification screen. You can even use it on Mounts to figure out which mods can be added to it.

Of course, with the game still in beta, there could be changes over time. More mods would be added or some of them will have their effects altered. However, once you know how to manage them, whatever changes come will most definitely be easier to adapt to.

Have fun escaping Tarkov!

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