Undead Horde Releases on Xbox Play Anywhere

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Microsoft’s new Play Anywhere titles are a great step towards a truly cross-platform world. One Xbox Play Anywhere game is bringing an army of zombies to the platform. Undead Horde was released on January 16th on the Microsoft Store. The Xbox Play Anywhere titles are an effort to encourage cross-platform play. 

Xbox is offering the title on Windows 10 computers as well as Xbox One, simultaneously. Meaning you would own both versions for the price of one. This isn’t just a smart business move for Microsoft, it’s a great deal for gamers. Gamers aren’t the only ones who see value in this system.

Game developers are realizing that these titles are a win-win. This doesn’t just encourage people to play games on multiple platforms. This system allows people who might not necessarily buy this game to consider it for the value. Not just benefiting the dedicated customer, but convincing someone on the fence. That’s a valuable prospect for any company.

Developer 10tons has released its newest title on Xbox Play Anywhere. Sampo Töyssy, lead developer of Undead Horde put the company’s feelings best with his comment. “This is our first Xbox Play Anywhere title and we think it’s an awesome deal: Buy once and then play on PC and console.” The company as a whole seems to be getting behind this business model by launching their game this way.

Undead Horde

Now, there are LOTS of zombie games out there so you might be wondering why to play this one. That’s a really simple question to answer with Undead Horde… Necromancy. You aren’t a starving, hopeless band of humans trying to win a war against the apocalypse. There’s no worry about being quiet or alerting the dead. This game makes you a master of the zombies. Which takes that principle and turns it upside down.

The setting is a much less bleak and more fantastical experience. Not to mention you aren’t stuck in a broken-down, dusty, urban jungle. You can explore a fascinating, magical landscape. You’ll enjoy dealing with the dead and honing your magic in this game.

You are able to use an integrated necromancy system to resurrect just about any creature. That’s right, if you see it and it’s dead, you can add it to your ranks. Obviously, once you bring something back from the dead, you can control it. You can command your undead minions to attack and follow you at your will. If you ever wanted to mix dark magic and zombies, this is the game for you. You start by just reviving dead bodies on the battlefield or from graves. This is where you get to the fun stuff, building your skills and commanding more and more minions. After some grinding, you can upgrade your powers to even bring statues to life.

Let’s Talk Undead Horde and Worldbuilding

Not satisfied to stick with a typical zombie setting, Undead Horde is set in a fantasy wonderland. Or at least, it’s a wonderland for some. The living have cast out all the dead, and with them, Orcen the Necromancer. Lucky for you, you play as Orcen, and you begin the game locked in a magical urn. Orcen was placed there by paladins in an attempt to stop his work with the dead. With the unwitting help of a hapless chicken, the urn is broken and you are released. It’s then your job to build an army of the dead to take your world back. 

Undead Horde Gameplay
Take your army of dead stuff on the offensive in Undead Horde

A host of fascinating weapons and items with various effects spice up the magic. This means that you can customize your experience to match your playstyle. It’s available for PC, Xbox One, and Mobile platforms now. You can help Orcen brush up on his skills to take back his world.

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