Transformers Newest Crossover: The Terminator

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Yes my heavy-metal fans from the ’80s, you read the title correctly. It seems we will be receiving a crossover for the ages next year with Transformers: The Terminator. If you aren’t excited by the Bumblebee movie, this will get your engine running! It’s being released in partnership with Dark Horse, and with a creative team of dreams. The script is being written by a team composed of David Mariotte, Tom Waltz, and John Barber.

The artwork for this masterful four-part series will be done by Alex Milne. Best known for work on Transformers: More Than Meets the Eye. It seems that these people count themselves as fans as well, as they all seem excited at this prospect. But who wouldn’t lose it over the concept of a crossover this epic?

Transformers the Terminator
Freddie E. Williams II (Batman/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) Variant Cover

What Brings Transformers and Terminator Together?

They have a couple of alternate covers already worked out for the first issue. This story will debut digitally and in stores in March of 2020. The alternate covers are beautiful and make me long for this series to be complete. Surely, this collection will take a special place in any fan’s heart… and bookshelf. As far as comic book crossovers, this one is up there with Batman/Ninja Turtles. Not to mention one of the covers is from the artist from THAT crossover. So the level of comic and nerd history here is DEEP. It seems like a metallic match made in robot heaven… or hell. 

Transformers the Terminator
Gavin Fullerton (Samurai Jack: Lost Worlds, Star Trek vs. Transformers) Variant Cover

With the time-traveling machines mixing worlds with robots in disguise, opportunity abounds. Everything from any planet is fair game for this mashup and it seems like fans win no matter what. So if you’re still not excited, I’ll include some of the variant covers to get your blood pumping. This crossover is a 1980’s dream come true, at least we can all agree on that. But one thing is for sure if The Terminator and Transformers team-up… humans lose. Unless you’re a fan, then everyone wins!

Jon "Flash" Schmitt

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