Hideo Kojima Hints At A Potential New Horror Game

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Hideo Kojima has a godly status in the gaming industry. The veteran of intricate storytelling and puzzling narratives is currently enjoying the spotlight from his current project. An idea in the making since 2014, Death Stranding was recently released to a positive reception, and really what did you expect from the mind that brought us Metal Gear? However. Kojima doesn’t seem to stop and take a breather. Instead, he dives back into his creative corner, conceptualizing his next project. During recent interviews, Kojima has expressed a desire to go back and revisit the horror genre once again.

Many remember that infamous playable teaser, that Kojima contributed, way back in 2014. Helming the project alongside famed Oscar-winning writer and director, Guillermo del Toro, he went back in an attempt to revisit the universe of Silent Hill. The game was also notorious for attaching a cinema icon, Norman Reedus, to the whole thing. PT is still infamous to this day for being one of the scariest experiences worthy of the Silent Hill mantle.

However, the entire dispute between Konami and Kojima over creative differences on Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain eventually culminated with the famed creator’s departure from the studio. With that, the playable teaser was left in a demo state for some time. Ultimately, the publishers would delete it in hopes of erasing all of the work their previous developer made.

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So this time around, Kojima distanced himself from the negative press over the matter and founded Kojima Productions. While Death Stranding isn’t perfect, it’s still a firm inaugural release for the studio. It would provide the necessary stability for the developer, one that he could improve upon in the future. So in comes his new announcement of once again revisiting horror games. In the past, Kojima stated that while he isn’t particularly brave when it comes to horror films, he still enjoys them. Not only that, but horror films prove to be a sort of inspiration for his work. This time, it looks like it’s his primary inspiration.

After the release of Death Stranding, Hideo tweeted that he would once again rewatch The Eye. For all of those who don’t know, The Eye is a 2002 horror film, with some really disturbing imagery. It would seem that Kojima agrees with us, as he stated that the last time he watched it, he couldn’t even get to the end. He also rented a CD copy rather than a VHS one, due to the cover of the movie.

One thing is for sure, whatever Kojima is planing, it’s gonna be really terrifying. Despite the enthusiasm behind this new project, we will have to wait a long time for its inevitable releases. Hideo is known for taking time on projects. Being developed over several years, it will probably take about 5 for even the teaser to come out. Nevertheless, we are still thrilled and will follow any further updates on the matter. Until that, best enjoy his studio’s magnum opus.

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