An Upcoming Indie Gem: Tower Princess: I’ve Come For You!

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Chivalry is not dead. On the contrary, it’s pretty much one of the staples when it comes to sword and sorcery games. Over the years knights became a popular trend in video games. Whether you craft your path in Mount and Blade, or fought through hell and back in Dark Souls. True fantasy tales were more than just damsels and dragons. However, in this case, the tale is exactly that, and we love every bit of it. With that in mind, let’s take a quick look at an upcoming indie title known as Tower Princess: I’ve Come For You!

A Small and Delightful Tale

The premise is simple. A dragon kidnaps multiple princesses for some currently unknown reason. You, a brave and gallant knight, traverse the castle where they are being held captive. Armed to the teeth, together with friends or alone, you fight on. However, in this world, it doesn’t matter how well you wield a sword or a spear. Instead, the most important thing you will need is to prep up your dating skills.

Developer AweKteaM went from the start with the idea of a fantasy parody. While you do rescue the princesses, it’s what you do with them after that matters. Every princess has a unique set of abilities. If you want to use those abilities against other foes, you will need to impress them. Going on dates or just protecting her while a green horde tries to kill you, both options earn you points. This kind of lighthearted approach is what sets it apart from other fantasy titles.

What to Expect From Gameplay?

tower princes: I've come for you

The cast of characters is equally cartoonish and cheerful as its premise. You get a randomly generated knight or knightess, which you upgrade over time, as you progress through the castle. From the beginning, players can choose which type of warrior they wan to play as. You also get to choose your starting weapon, ranging from muskets to axes and swords. There is a lot of variety when it comes to playstyles, all accompanied by cell-shaded graphics. It’s all the standard RPG tropes we came to know and love from other games. Besides combat, players will do a lot of platforming, boss fighting, and treasure collecting.

The most exciting part involves the beautiful damsels you will encounter. You will need to pay a lot of attention to your waifu. Hold her hand, go on dates with her, protect her from other creatures. These are just some of the things you will need to do. As for the princesses, they come in many different forms. You have the adorable Mermaid Princess and Zombie Princess, which utilize a lot of magic. And then you have the Kobold Princess, who is there for comedic purpose, I guess. As you level up your hero, so will you level up the princesses’ relationship and unlock their perks.

The Development and Release

tower princes: I've come for you

Tower Princess: I’ve Come For You! was first kickstarted last year around this time. In its first few weeks, the project was backed by over 500 people and achieved its goal of 35k euros. Currently, the project is still being funded, and AweKteaM decided to use these extra funds to add more enemy types, bosses, playable knights, and princesses. More modes will also be added in the future, probably in the form of DLC’s. While AweKteam is still unknown, this passion project has some great ideas, and could easily be the next big thing.

AweKteaM announced that the game will be released on multiple platforms in early 2020. Besides constant updates and improvements, there is still a lot we want to see. From the initial trailer and images from recent updates, the game looks fantastic. The premise, gameplay, and comedy look spot on, and I eagerly wait for it to be released. For all of those who want a little slice of the action, you can check out an alpha demo of game by visiting this link. Maybe its charm will hook you in, and if you feel generous, you can even donate to their Kickstarter page. Watch out for this title in the upcoming year, and a possible review from us.

In the meantime, make sure to add Tower Princess: I’ve Come For You to your Steam wishlist so you don’t miss out on any news and updates.

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