Upcoming Fall 2019 Anime to Keep an Eye On

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A new season upon us means a brand new bunch of upcoming anime titles will soon be debuting for the very first time in fall 2019. So, without further ado, here’s a quick look at the best upcoming anime series of fall 2019 you should keep an eye on.

Assassins Pride

Premiering – October 10th 2019

upcoming fall 2019 anime

From EMT Squared studios comes the upcoming anime adaption of Kei Amagi’s light novel series. Assassin Pride is set in a fantasy world where the aristocrats have the power of mana. Mareida Angele is born into a duke family. Kufa Vampeel is assigned to be Maredia’s tutor and helps her develop her powers. However, if he discovers that she is not talented or does not have any power at all over mana – he is to assassinate her.

Azur Lane

Premiering – October 3rd 2019

Azur Lane is an Android and IOs game developed by Chinese developers, Shanghai Manjuu and Xiamen Youngshi.

The concept of the game is that you accumulate Moe anthropomorphic characters of warships in World War 2 and in addition engage with fleet battles. As well as that, Azur Lane recently had a Playstation 4 game released called ‘Azur Lane: Crosswave’.

The franchise has now decided to dip its toe into the world of anime and is being adapted into a series by Bibury Animations Studios. The story will be based on a group of girls that will fight an enemy group called the ‘Siren’.


Premiering – October 10th 2019

Beastars is potentially the most unique title on this list. The anime from studio Orange (well known for its 3DCG animation style) and licensed by Netflix will be coming to us later this fall.

Anthropomorphic animals are split into herbivores and carnivores within society and they coexist with one another in their daily lives. Attending Cherryton Academy, Legoshi is a current member of the drama club and especially enjoys watching plays.

Legoshi is a very timid wolf that tries to hold back his carnivore’s tendencies. Nonetheless, other animals perceive him very differently. When an alpaca called Tem is murdered, it sends shockwave around the academy. However, it doesn’t take long for paranoia to settle in between the herbivores and carnivores.

Hoshiai no Sora

Premiering – October 11th 2019

upcoming fall 2019 anime

An upcoming original anime series by 8bit studios known as Hoshiai No Sora (Stars Align). Maki Katsuragi joins a tennis club that’s on the brink of closing down. It’s hard to anticipate what may be in store for the anime as there is no source material for the show. Even so, the story is written by Kazuki Akane. The director of ‘The Vision of Escaflowne’ and creator of ‘Heat Guy J’. It will definitely be a title to keep an eye on given that pure fact alone.

Kabukichou Sherlock

Premiering – October 12th 2019

Animations studio Production I.G will be bringing us an anime original series that will be a brand new interoperation of Sherlock Holmes. Katsuyuki Konishi and Yuichi Nakamura will be on the hunt to solve multiple cases of murder in a modern-day Tokyo.

The anime will predominantly be a drama series, however, viewers can expect heavy comedic elements to come into play during the investigations. It will certainly be interesting to see how the genres blend into one another during the series.

No Guns Life

Premiering – October 11th 2019

Upcoming Fall 2019 Anime

The manga series by Tasuku Karasuma is a sci-fi action-adventure by the powerhouse studio Madhouse. Cyborg soldiers that are named the ‘Extended’ were subsequently released after the war. Juzo Inui, an ex-soldier is a cyborg that is living out his life as a detective or what is better known as a ‘Resolver’. He specializes in helping cyborgs with their problems.

The biggest mystery lies within himself – as he has no memory of becoming a cyborg nor of his prior life. It’s hard not to be excited for this title with a studio like Madhouse on board. Plus Juzo has an actual gun for a head, what is there not to love about that?

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