Arrowverse Takes On Crisis on Infinite Earths

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Since previously writing about the sixth Arrowverse Crossover, loads and loads of casting decisions have been announced. Not one to let readers be the last to hear about things, Fictiontalk has the inside track. While the news has been sketchy, coming from all over the place, and somewhat broken up, here’s what we know. All of the casts from the CW shows involved will have parts to play. But there are LOTS of others from classic DC properties, as well as one or two other things. There is a LOT of wild cards and surely more names will be announced. But as of now, the list is significant and impressive. A cast pulled from shows and movies literally from 1966-2019. But with CW pulling out ALL the stops, this is gonna be one for the ages. 

Adding to the Smallville alums, Justin Hartley, returning to play Green Arrow once more. Cress Williams will be joining the cast as Black Lightning, as well as Johnathon Schaech playing Jonah Hex. Tom Ellis will be playing Lucifer Morningstar, reprising his role from Lucifer. Supernatural’s Osric Chau will be playing Ryan Choi (Atom). There will also be a cameo from an undisclosed number of the Teen Titans. Yes, the streaming Titans will appear in some form in a scene in Titans Tower. Not to mention comedian Robert Wuhl assumedly reprising his Batman(1989) role.

Original Story:

The Arrowverse is made up of the CW’s flagship primetime superhero dramas. Supergirl, Batwoman, The Flash, Arrow, and DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow will have the biggest crossover event yet. The last crossover has been widely hailed as the best superhero movie available on Netflix. CW has promised this event will be “the biggest, most complicated one yet”.

This may have fans of these five shows drooling, but some casual fans are still hesitant to watch a crossover this complex. There is no getting around the complexity of the shows and characters involved, this will be an event for the ages. Fans of comics in general or just good drama buffs should check out this massive TV movie. 

When Disney-owned Marvel Studios puts out a movie it sort of casts a shadow over a lot of smaller budget films. People in the last decade or so have started to think that Marvel has the lock on all of the good comic book movies. But not giving other properties a chance is only leaving yourself out of what could be a great experience. In the last decade or so, the Arrowverse has quickly grown to a fleet of shows.

This is for good reason. There are clearly a LOT of people who enjoy watching superheroes without having to go to the theater. Not only that, these shows possess a level of quality that makes you forget they have a cable TV budget. Each of these shows appeals not only to a broad comic audience but to a smaller group as well.

What These Shows Are About


Arrow, with its level of seriousness and dark themes, draws in an older crowd of people looking for more story-driven episodes. The Flash keeps a good helping of superhero science and brevity for people who enjoy the ‘warm and fuzzies’. Supergirl is all about family and morality, and Legends is about redemption. All of these shows speak to people on a deeper level than just superheroic action sequences.

It’s for this reason, the emotional connection, that the fans are so excited about this crossover event. People who enjoy drama and have a vague idea of who these characters are will enjoy this crossover just as much. The writing and level of production, not to mention the actors involved are all top-notch in every category.

Add to that the fact that the CW has pulled a LOT of strings to bring back several fan favorites for the occasion. Reprising his role from Smallville, Tom Welling will be showing up as Superman from another reality along with Erica Durance returning as Lois. Fan-favorite Kevin Conroy, the voice of Batman from Batman: The Animated Series will get his chance to don the cape and cowl for this crossover as well. Brandon Routh (Superman Returns) will be playing both Ray Palmer from Legends as well as Superman for this event.

Tom Cavanagh from The Flash will also be playing Pariah, exciting all fans who loved him as Dr. Wells… and every other character he plays in The Flash. Also into the mix is LaMonica Garrett reprising his role as The Monitor from the previous Elseworlds crossover. And if all of those name drops weren’t enough, Burt Ward, Robin from the 1966 Batman television show is also playing “an unspecified part”… oh yeah, it’s like that.

So With All of These Reasons to Tune in, When Are These Shows Even Going to be On? 

(All times are EST)

Supergirl: Sunday, Dec 8 @ 8 pm

Batwoman: Monday, Dec 9 @ 8 pm

The Flash: Tuesday, Dec 10 @ 8 pm

Arrow: Tuesday, Jan 14 @ 8 pm

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow: Tuesday, Jan 14 @ 9 pm

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