Fresh PUBG Update hits PTS, Adds Skorpion Machine Pistol and New Game Mode

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A couple of months back the developers of PUBG announced an ambitious new roadmap aimed entirely at fixing the game’s remaining problems. Unfortunately, things have been pretty hit or miss so far. While the developers were able to make certain improvements to the game, a lot of the updates they released recently came with their own share of problems. The good news is that the devs still want to make good on their promise and have just released a new update. The patch is currently only available on the Test Server and brings some interesting new additions to the game.

New Machine Pistol and Conquest Game Mode

One of the main highlights of today’s update is the introduction of a new weapon known as the Skorpion. This is a machine pistol that uses 9mm ammo and spawns on all maps. The gun can be improved with a variety of attachments and can hold up to 40 bullets with an Extended Magazine mod. The other main highlight of the patch is the new game mode called Conquest. PUBG players familiar with the Battlefield mode will know exactly what to expect here. Conquest is a 50 v 50 mode where players need to capture and hold various tactical objectives within a specific area. The longer your team holds an objective, the more points you will earn. The team with the most points wins.

Since we’re already talking about the patch notes, it’s worth mentioning that the complete list can now also be viewed in-game. The update added a new icon in the upper right corner of the lobby that opens up a window containing the patch notes. If you’re reading the patch notes inside PUBG you’ll also notice some videos that will help highlight the important changes. Even more help comes in the form of new key guides that pop up while playing. These are basically a sort of tutorial primarily targeting new PUBG players. If you’re already a veteran player and don’t need them you can always them off from the options menu.

Update #23 Brings a Few More Interesting Changes

Another interesting change worth pointing out is related to the blue zone. With the introduction of this new update, PUBG Corp. reduced the opacity of the blue zone to make it easier to see through. According to the developers, many players have complained about the opacity issue in the past so this change was long overdue. The Training Mode and report function are two other areas that have recently been improved as well. In addition to all of that, there is now also a new category of items in PUBG and plenty of bug fixes to boot. You can read the full patch notes right here or directly in-game if you’re playing on the PTS.

If the new update is not reason enough to return to PUBG, there’s another piece of news that might convince you to reinstall the game. At least temporarily. PUBG Corp. recently announced that all PC players will receive 20,000 BP along with a Black Beanie with Headphones item. These freebies are being given away as a way of apologizing for the recent connectivity issues. Simply log into the game anytime until October 23 to redeem these rewards.

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