PUBG Devs Vow to Fix Most of the Game’s Issues in the Coming Months

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PUBG was one of the biggest unexpected hits of 2017 and a main source of inspiration for Fortnite Battle Royale. But while Fortnite is still going strong to this day, the same cannot be said about PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. A large portion of the player base abandoned the game in the first half of the year. This was due to the lack of timely updates, new content, and bug fixes, among other reasons. PUBG continues to be plagued by a plethora of technical issues even now but that’s all soon going to change according to the developers.

PUBG Corp. announced on Wednesday a new campaign aimed entirely at fixing the game’s many problems. The campaign is aptly named “FIX PUBG” and will last until at least October by the looks of it. During this time, the developers plan to address everything ranging from performance issues and bugs to quality-of-life improvements and everything in between. All the upcoming updates will first be available on PC but will also carry over to the Xbox One version in time.

Fix PUBG Roadmap

The aforementioned website is essentially a roadmap hinting at some of the updates players can expect in the next few months. The roadmap is quite detailed all things considered and is broken down into five main categories. These include Client Performance, Server Performance, Anti-Cheat, Matchmaking, and Bugfixes & Quality of Life Issues. There are a few bullet points for each category describing some of the things PUBG Corp. will be working on.

The roadmap only extends until October, however, the devs say that this is just the beginning. PUBG will continue to receive updates for the foreseeable future but there are going to be a lot more fixes than usual in the coming months. PUBG Corp. has apparently been working on this for some time now as the first update went live shortly after the announcement was made. Some of the highlights of this update include:

  • Limb penetration
  • Ability to mute individual teammates
  • Improvements to colorblind mode
  • Improvements to loot stack splitting
  • Players can now adjust their FPS cap

The big addition here is definitely limb penetration. This long-awaited feature allows bullets to pierce through the player’s limbs and deal full damage to the target area. The ability to set your FPS cap is also nice to see, particularly since you can choose different values for in-game FPS and lobby FPS. Finally, the update also added a new graphical sharpening option. You can find the full list of changes that came with this update over on Steam.

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