This Gold Coated DualShock 4 Controller Will Set You Back $14,000

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People who complain that PC gaming is too expensive have clearly not heard about the custom Lux DualShock 4 controllers currently on sale at Brikk. Now, custom controllers are known for being a tad more expensive than standard ones, however, this particular model might be taking things a little too far. We’re talking a price tag of close to $14,000 for what is essentially just a shiny PS4 controller. If that sounds a bit too crazy don’t worry because there’s also a cheaper “classic” version available. That’s the good news. The bad news is that this variant sits at around $8,500, so not actually that cheap all things considered.

Fine Line Between Controller and Piece of Jewelry

So what exactly makes these DualShock 4 controllers so expensive? Well, as you’ve probably guessed already, they’re covered in a nice coating of gold. 24 karat gold to be more precise. In addition, the extravagant gamepad features a number of diamonds embedded in its surface. The buttons themselves are also made out of gold and each of them features a total of seven diamonds. The Lux DualShock 4 controller even comes with a stylish aluminum case so you can carry your expensive peripheral with you wherever you go.

The classic DualShock 4 controller from Brikk is nearly identical to the Lux variant but comes with fewer diamonds. You still get the gold coating but here only the home button is made out of solid gold and is encrusted with precious stones. The other ones are your regular run-of-the-mill DualShock 4 buttons. Brikk is also throwing in some customization options for those who want their controllers to be even more unique. Some of the options have practical purposes but for the most part the additional options are there to make the peripherals even flashier than they already are. If you have the extra money to spare that is.

In addition to the DualShock 4 controllers, Lux sells a range of other exorbitantly priced products. Some of these products include $16,000 iPhones, $58,000 Nikon kits, and $10,000 AirPods, to name just a few. Just like with the controllers, you can expect lots of gold and diamonds all around.

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