Robert Redford Confirms His Retirement After The Old Man & The Gun

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Robert Redford is one of the most well-known faces in Hollywood. The great actor has starred in countless movies over the past six decades and has one more project coming up next month. That’s the good news for fans of his work. The bad news is that Robert Redford will not be starring in any other movies after that. The actor has already been talking about retirement for some time and is now finally ready to call it a day.

Redford recently confirmed in an interview with Entertainment Weekly that The Old Man & The Gun will be his final movie. The 81-year-old actor has been making movies since he was 21 so he definitely earned a much-needed break. Although he isn’t planning to appear in any other films, he might still continue to work as a director or producer.

Based on an Incredible but True Story

The Old Man & The Gun finished filming back in March and will be ready to hit theaters on September 28. The film is part comedy part drama and stars Robert Redford as an escape artist known as Forrest Tucker. Even though it’s not a biopic per say, the movie is actually based on a true story. Forrest Tucker was a real career criminal that lived between 1920 and 2004. He is widely known as being of the most successful escape artists of all time.

According to his Wikipedia page, Tucker was able to escape from jail 18 times and had another 12 unsuccessful attempts. The movie will not follow all of Tucker’s exploits and will instead focus on his escape from San Quentin State Prison at the age of 70. That wasn’t his latest escape but it was definitely his most famous one.

By all accounts, Tucker was a very charismatic man, which makes Robert Redford a perfect fit for the role. Despite being a criminal, many people actually admired Tucker’s tenacity, including Redford himself. The actor believes Tucker wasn’t worried about getting sent to prison all those times because he knew he would always be able to get out again. In fact, the thrill of escaping was probably what motivated him to continue his criminal activities. After all, he could have chosen to remain hidden but he never did.

Awards and Famous Movies

Robert Redford won two Academy Awards over the course of his long career, including one for Best Director in 1980. In addition, he also has three Golden Globes under his belt along with a BAFTA Award. Some of his most popular movies include The Sting, All the President’s Men, All Is Lost, and Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. More recently, Robert Redford also appeared in Captain America: The Winter Soldier as undercover HYDRA agent Alexander Pierce.

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