Denuvo Shuts Down Infamous Bulgarian Cracker Voksi

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For a number of years now Denuvo has been considered the best anti-piracy software out there. While it’s not foolproof, the DRM is notoriously difficult to crack. This usually gives publishers a few weeks or even months before having to worry about pirated copies of their games showing up online. Well, at least that used to be the case. For the past few months, a cracker that goes by the name of Voksi worked tirelessly to prove that Denuvo protected games can be cracked in just a matter of days. He did manage to prove his point but his actions did not go unnoticed.

News broke recently via Reddit that Denuvo finally filed a case against Voksi. Unfortunately for the cracker, over the years he built somewhat of a reputation for himself. A reputation as someone who doesn’t care if people know his true identity. In fact, he seemed to hate scene groups that hide the identity of their members. This attitude allowed him to gain a lot of street cred among pirates. However, it also eventually lead to his arrest.

The Cracker is Currently Waiting for the Final Verdict

According to a message written by Voksi himself, the 21-year-old Bulgarian cracker was apprehended by the police shortly after Denuvo filed a case against him. As a result, the Bulgarian police confiscated his PCs and took him into custody. Voksi was apparently able to contact Denuvo directly shortly after and is now attempting to peacefully resolve the situation.

Voksi doesn’t exactly know what sort of legal action Denuvo will take against him. But it is safe to say that his days of cracking games are probably over. However, he does hope that someone else will continue the fight against DRM in video games. Judging by the aforementioned Reddit post, a lot of other people also share his views on this matter. Denuvo clearly did what it thought was necessary by shutting down Voksi but it’s possible the company inadvertently stirred up the hornet’s nest in the process.

Voski Proved to Be a Very Prolific Cracker

Voksi cracked dozens of Denuvo protected games over the years. Some of the most notable titles include Doom, Quantum Break, Just Cause 3, Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus, Injustice 2, and Dragon Ball FighterZ. The last two are particularly noteworthy. These games remained uncracked for many months until Voksi decided to try his hand at removing the DRM. According to his CrackWatch profile, Voksi seems to have been particularly active these past couple of months so maybe that’s why Denuvo waited until now to take action despite presumably being aware of his activities for some time.

In spite of his disdain for scene groups, Voksi was apparently affiliated with Revolt. The group’s website reportedly went down following Voksi’s arrest. It’s unclear if he was the one running it or if this was just a preventive measure taken by Revolt’s other members.

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