Frostpunk is Getting a Lot of Free Content Throughout 2018

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Frostpunk developer 11 Bit Studios announced a host of new content updates for the city builder/strategy game in 2018. Even better, the company says that all the updates announced today will be available for free to everyone. 11 Bit Studios built upon the formula of their previous title, This War of Mine, when developing Frostpunk. However, many gamers felt that the company’s latest effort is somewhat lacking when it comes to the replay value. Judging by this recent announcement, the company seems to agree because most of the updates are designed to give players more things to do in the game.

11 Bit Studios already revealed a roadmap for these updates, the first of which is scheduled to arrive next month. The June update brings with it an extra difficult mode known as Survivor. The Survivor mode is designed for players who have already mastered the current highest difficulty in Frostpunk. The developer also mentioned that special modifiers will make the game more challenging than ever before.

New Mode, Stories, Photo Mode

The rest of the updates don’t have a release date right now but the developers did give a few details in regards to what players can expect. In addition to the Survivor Mode, Frostpunk is also set to receive an Endurance mode. This mode won’t ramp up the difficulty but it will turn the game into an endless sandbox of sorts. Players can also expect a few more customization options to play around with. 11 Bit Studios already confirmed naming options for citizens and automatons, with more to be revealed at a later date.

One of the other updates confirmed by the developers won’t add any new content per se but it will allow players to better capture Frostpunk’s harsh beauty. The update in question adds a photo/screenshot tool that lets players take pretty pictures of New London. Of course, you can already do that so it’s safe to assume that this tool will come with additional features. 11 Bit mentioned that this update will also include a very special surprise. However, the developers are not giving out any specific details just yet.

Last but not least, Frostpunk is also receiving a major content update known as The Builders. This one sounds a bit more like a traditional expansion, albeit a fairly small one. The Builders will include a new scenario complete with stories and challenges. There’s not much else to go on at the moment but 11 Bit says that Frostpunk players „should stay excited” for this update.

More to Come

Most details are still under wraps but players can expect an in-depth look at these updates in the coming months. The developers also said that this is just the beginning of their overall roadmap for Frostpunk. The game will also receive plenty of new content throughout 2019. 11 Bit Studios haven’t talked too much about paid DLCs so far but it’s a safe bet that there are a few of those in development as well.

Frostpunk was released on April 24th exclusively for PC. The game sold over 250K copies within the first three days of its launch and has already become 11 Bit Studios’ most successful title to date.

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