Legion Season 3 Confirmed, Set to Release Sometime in 2019

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X-Men movies have been around for nearly two decades now but TV shows are a more recent phenomenon. That is, if you don’t count the animated series of course. Outside of those, there are only two shows worth mentioning in the form of The Gifted and Legion. Coincidentally, both of them started airing in 2017. While The Gifted has been pretty solid so far, Legion is already knocking it out of the park. The show is doing so good, in fact, that FX has already renewed it for a third season. This is in spite of the fact that the second one is still ongoing.

Legion is not your typical superhero TV show so the network took a risk when it decided to produce it. As it turns out, that gamble paid off big time. FX executives recently admitted that Legion exceeded all expectations and that they are proud of everybody involved in the project. Thanks to a very strong reception from both viewers and critics, the network figured it should start working on Legion season 3 asap.

Legion Season 3 Release Date

An official release has not been given but the third season is currently set to air sometime in Spring 2019. It’s likely that FX doesn’t want to build too much hype until after the end of season 2. That seems to be the main reason why details regarding the upcoming season are still scarce. For reference, Legion season 1 started airing in February 2017 while the second season only made its debut in April of this year. It’s hard to say when the third season will air in 2019 but it seems likely that it’s going to be closer to April than February.

If past trends are anything to go by, Legion 3 may take longer to produce compared to the previous season. The first season only had 8 episodes while the second one was originally meant to feature 10. FX later increased that number to 11, presumably thanks to the show’s good ratings. The show isn’t breaking any records but it does continue to do well so it’s possible that the next season will include even more episodes. Well, at least that’s what we hope will happen.

Season 2 Finale

The Legion season 2 finale is just around the corner but don’t worry because there’s are still a couple more episodes to look forward to. Episode 10 is set to air this Tuesday, June 5th, and will be followed by episode 11 on June 12th. Season 1 set the stage in a big way for the events of season 2 but hopefully, there’s not going to be such a huge cliffhanger this time around. Guess we’ll have to wait until next week to find out.

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