Paddleboarding Outfit Inspiration: Dress Right

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The beauty of paddleboarding is that it blends the thrill of water sports with the serenity of being out in the open water. While your craft and skills are vital, what you wear can also impact your paddleboarding experience. Proper attire ensures comfort, protection, and flexibility while paddling. This post is here to guide you in selecting the ideal outfit for any paddleboarding excursion.A brand like SocalPaddleBoard might be known for their high-quality boards, but they also recognize the importance of wearing the right gear when paddleboarding.

Understanding Weather Conditions

Weather conditions heavily influence what you should wear for paddleboarding. Hot weather demands lightweight, breathable clothing that protects from sunburns. In contrast, cold or windy conditions require warmer clothing that shelters against windchill and hypothermia. Always check forecasted weather conditions before going out.

The Basics: Swimsuit

At its core, paddleboarding is a water sport. A swimsuit serves as your base layer when paddleboarding. Choose one that provides an ideal mix of comfort and functionality without restricting movements.

Rash Guards

Rash guards are designed to protect your skin against potential rashes from board friction or UV ray damages. They are light, stretchy, and quick-drying, making them perfect for paddleboarders.

Board Shorts

For added coverage and comfort, board shorts are a popular choice among both male and female paddlers. They provide more protection than typical swim trunks or bikinis without compromising mobility.


A wetsuit is a must-have if you plan to paddleboard in cooler climates or during off-peak seasons. Consider the water temperature and not just the air temperature when evaluating if a wetsuit is necessary.


For extremely cold conditions, you might need a drysuit, which offers full-body protection. Unlike wetsuits, drysuits keep you completely dry but require wearing warm clothing underneath.

Water Shoes

Sensible footwear is another essential for paddleboarding. Water shoes provide grip, protect your feet from sharp objects, and keep them warm. They are also lightweight, keeping up with the dynamic movements of paddleboarding.

Sun Protection Accessories

Regardless of weather conditions, sun protection is essential on water where rays reflect upward. Sunglasses with straps for security, wide-brimmed hats, and high-SPF sunscreen are all recommended items.

Paddleboard Specific Clothing

Certain brands offer clothing tailored to paddleboarding needs. These outfits usually feature UPF protection, convenience pockets, and are made of quick-drying fabrics.

Taking Care of Your Gear

Maintain the quality of your paddleboarding outfits by washing each item after use. This removes salt, sand and other residue that can wear out materials over time. Avoid harsh detergents as they can weaken fabric fibers.

Comfort Matters

The key factor to consider when choosing your outfit is comfort. Paddleboarding may require hours on the water; hence wearing something comfortable will keep your focus on the sport rather than discomfort.

Navigating Style Sensibilities

While functionality reigns supreme in a paddleboarding outfit, that does not mean style has to be compromised. Many brands produce stylish gear so you can feel and look your best while catching that perfect wave.

State of Affair

To wrap up, dressing right for paddleboarding contributes significantly towards the overall enjoyment and safety when on the water. Remember, weather conditions, comfort, protection and personal style are all essential factors to consider when choosing your outfit. Paddleboarding wears may not transform an amateur into a pro, but it certainly facilitates a smoother journey towards mastery.

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