Innovative Strategies for Flourishing in the Flower Business

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The flower business, like any other industry, has faced a number of challenges, especially recently. However, as the saying goes, “Where flowers bloom, there is hope.” This article provides a guide for those in the flower business and offers innovative solutions to help navigate these uncertain times.

The flower business continues to be popular for several good reasons. Flowers have a unique ability to convey emotions and feelings that words often cannot express. They symbolize love, joy, sympathy, and many other feelings. Now it’s not a problem to give flowers to your loved one, even if you are far from each other. For example, you can contact flower salon if the recipient of your bouquet is in Dubai. Now there are no boundaries for expressing feelings.

In this article, we’ll look at various strategies for growing your flower business, from harnessing the power of satisfied customers as brand ambassadors to innovative marketing techniques and diversifying into commercial floristry.

Boosters for your advertising

When regular customers become ambassadors of your bouquets and mention them in regular conversations, this is an excellent promotion of your product. This can also include product reviews. How to stimulate brand mentions:

  • To exceed expectations. People will tell their friends about your beautiful bouquets of flowers only if the product and service are not just great, but go beyond the norm. The client ordered wedding bouquets of flowers and it looks much more expensive than his expectations.
  • Give bonuses. A similar scheme works for Amazon: customers leave meaningful reviews of a product and receive bonus points for this, which they spend on new purchases. The same can be implemented in a flower salon.
  • “Bring a friend” campaign. The client receives a promotional code from your flower shop and shares it with a friend. A friend purchases a bouquet of flowers from you using this promotional code and receives a discount, and the client receives bonuses.

Calls to a warm audience

During a warm call, the manager of a flower salon communicates with people who are familiar with the brand but have not yet gotten around to buying a bouquet of flowers. This close communication increases customer value over time, or LTV.

Goals of communicating with a warm audience:

  • remind about your floral brand as a whole;
  • talk about new products among flower bouquets;
  • return the “lost” ones who made a purchase long ago;
  • find out what needs customers currently have;
  • collect feedback on ordered bouquets of flowers.

The goal of a warm call is to solve the problem and satisfy the client’s need, but not to become annoying. Build the dialogue useful and meaningful for both parties and prepare a conversation template. The results of the calls will not appear immediately. It’s better to compare year to year or quarter to quarter: how many clients of your flower business are still with you, how often they buy bouquets of flowers, for what amounts, and whether their purchasing behavior has changed after communicating with the manager.

Newsletters and information field

For the flower business, they use different mailings: SMS, email, instant messengers, applications, push notifications in the brand’s mobile application, or even in an envelope by mail. The main thing is that the letters reach the audience, are opened, and turned into orders of flower bouquets. Mentions of your flower salon on third-party resources form an image, keep the brand in the public eye, and attract new customers. It doesn’t take a hype incident to get people talking about you. Create a news feed yourself and take it to the editorial office. Such advertising works systematically and only in conjunction with the recognition of the flower brand. Choose platforms and break up publications by time. This way you will smoothly enter the information field of the audience.

Working with corporate clients

Corporate orders are essentially wholesale flower orders and, ideally, long-term cooperation. The price of a separate bouquet will be lower, but the quantity will be greater. Corporate floristry options:

  • decoration at the reception
  • cafe interior decoration
  • flowers for partners and contractors
  • business gifts for employees

Corporate clients are counting money and looking for a favorable price-quality balance. Strengthen your work with existing clients with personal offers, fix prices for a period, and offer new clients a way to save money.

Transition to commercial floristry

There are no random, purposeless elements in commercial bouquets. Composition, arrangement, palette, size, packaging – everything is optimized to increase sales. Such bouquets are not just sold but have high margins. Margin is the difference between cost and selling price. The greater this difference, the higher the profit from an individual bouquet and the business as a whole.

Florist businesses have survived the pandemic and other crises before it by learning and adapting. Monitor the quality of your bouquets and listen to your customers.

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