How to Return a Rental Car in 4 Easy Steps

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Unfortunately, vacations can’t last forever. When the holiday is over, travelers must take care of returning the rental automobile. There is nothing complex about this, still, some people face difficulties.  Many consumers need to pay more attention to what is specified in their agreements, notably the procedures for returning the vehicle and the standards for the car’s condition. As a result, clients incur additional costs since not sticking with the terms of the arrangement results in fines.  

The conditions of the agreement may change depending on what part of the world you are visiting and whose automobile rental services you choose. Many people now do thorough research before their vacation to find car rentals that offer even luxury cars, as well as favorable contract terms. One of these locations is Dubai, where the best conditions for renting a vehicle are created. Tourists may choose premium automobiles for business travel at, economical automobiles for road journeys, SUVs for rough terrain adventures, and luxury vehicles for lightning-fast travel.  

No matter where you’re going or what sort of vehicle you’re hiring, there are a few things you’ll need to take care of before returning the vehicle at the conclusion of your rental contract. 

What you should do 

Take another look at your agreement 

Surely, you did not read all the terms of the agreement as carefully as you should have. If you are sure that something could have eluded you, you should take another look at it a few days before the end of your agreement. You will find all the necessary information about what day and time you must return the vehicle, as well as other details. If you find any unclear items, you should call the car rental manager to clarify anything that you do not understand. This will become a safety net for you, which will not allow you to face additional expenses. 

Think about your route in advance 

Since you are in a place unfamiliar to you, you need to take care in advance to build a route on how you will drive to the place where you need to leave the rented car. You should use your GPS to see how long it will take you to get there. 

In addition, if on the same day, you plan to stop somewhere to clean the interior of your auto or stop at a gas station, then you also need to enter these locations into your navigator and think about how long it will take you before you get to the final location. 

Clean up your vehicle and take pictures 

Every car rental makes sure that all vehicles are in perfect condition. When you rent one of the cars in Dubai or any other city in the world, you always get a clean and well-maintained automobile. Many travelers forget that they need to clean their vehicle before returning it. Additionally, your agreement should state that the tank must also be full upon return. This way your car rental deposit will be returned to you in full. 

Another important thing is to take photos of the vehicle. Take a lot of photos, both outside and inside the auto. This will be your safety net if you deal with unreliable car rentals. 

Leave the car at the designated place 

Now all you have to do is return your auto to its designated location. Your agreement will state whether you need to leave the vehicle in a special or open parking lot, whether a specialist will meet you to inspect the car, and so on. You can also call the car rental manager to let them know that you did everything right.  


Many people forget even the simplest things while on vacation. Therefore, when the time comes to return the car to the car rental, you need to read the terms of the agreement again and act according to the instructions. 

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