Should You Attend the 2023 San Diego Comic-Con? If You Love “Geiger,” Yes!

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Geoff Johns and Gary Frank released “Geiger” several years ago to massive acclaim. As one of the first creator-owned series on the planet, there was some doubt about its impact. However, “Geiger” has exceeded all expectations and has become a massive player in the comic world. If you’re a big fan of Johns or want to know more about his upcoming new expansion of the series, you’re in luck because he and Frank will be at the 2023 San Diego Comic-Con!

Fans Get the Chance to Learn More

On July 19 through July 23 at the 2023 San Diego Comic-Con, Johns and Frank will sit down with fans, discuss “Geiger: Ground Zero,” and highlight what kind of lessons they can learn from it. In the comic, Geiger will protect his family from harm in a post-apocalyptic environment and fight off a criminal syndicate that becomes increasingly aggressive in this environment. 

At the booth, fans will get exclusive access to a limited-edition, full-color, and eight-page ashcan of the upcoming comic and the chance to talk with the creators about its themes and its future. As a creator-owned series, “Geiger” has showcased what a skilled and intelligent creative team can do and has served as an inspiration for a myriad of different independent producers. 

Other Big News In the Geiger World!

If you’ve been reading “Geiger,” “Junkyard Joe,” or “Redcoat” and wondered what those stories would be like on the screen, you’re not alone! Johns and Frank had been pondering a series for some time and, in late 2022, finally announced a television adaptation on Paramount TV. This announcement is a huge deal for an independent comic and well worth celebrating, even for non-fans. 

Why? It showcases the fact that even independent products can get attention for their hard work. Yes, Johns and Frank are industry veterans with a lot of pull in the market. However, that didn’t mean that they would automatically be successful. The fact that these creators have produced a successful and engaging line beyond the big publishers is huge for anyone who wants to go solo. 

It shows that even producers outside of Marvel and DC can make it big and follow their dreams. Just as importantly, it shows that high-quality writing and fascinating storytelling still matter. Yes, “Geiger” is exciting, but, more importantly, it comments on the world in which we live. In a market that seems focused on just entertainment, the success of thoughtful content is big.

Using Comics to Learn and Grow

Over the years, a growing number of people have come to understand that comics are an important part of our society. Rather than just simple escapist literature, comics tell us about ourselves, explain where we’re going wrong, and steer us in the right direction. No, nothing is perfect, and books like “Geiger” naturally do have drawbacks. But their importance in society simply can’t be ignored anymore, making them an important literary style to consider.

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