The IRS Needs a Video Game

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IRS distress

It may seem we are in the middle of an endless winter. But soon, much too soon, the snow will melt. The flowers bloom. The warm breezes blow. And it’ll be time to pay taxes again. This annual torment sneaks up on us like a thug in an alley. Robbing us not only of our hard-earned money but of our sanity as well. Because of the intricacies of online forms to fill out.

Who has not sighed for an easier way to let Uncle Sam pick their pockets?

The IRS Game

There must be some super genius in India or Silicon Valley who can develop an exciting video game. Involving filling out our IRS online tax forms. 

Just visualize it . . . 

Your avatar is Tired Taxpayer. You wield a pen instead of a sword. With that pen you begin your quest. By spelling out your full name. Then your address. Your birth date. BUT WAIT! Did you put your birthdate as month, day, year – or as day, month, year? If you did it wrong, a demon from the Treasury Department appears. To lop off one of your hands. To protect yourself, you must quickly activate your CPA avatar. Then keep going. 

Go on a quest to find your missing W-2 form. It might be in that castle. The one with a dragon that doesn’t breathe fire. Rather, it eats anchovy pizza and then breathes on you. Hard. Or the elusive document could be in the murky swamp. Where goblins await to bind you with red tape. To break free you must spend a gold coin on a tax lawyer. But then the tax lawyer rides on your back for the rest of the game. Unless you manage to discover a bankruptcy token. 

The possibilities are endless

In this game, if you miss the April 15th deadline, you’re dead meat. Tax collector zombies come after you. Alien life forms attempt to enter your wallet to feed on your debit cards. The only way to win the game now is to move your fund to an offshore account. Then take your Tired Taxpayer avatar to Switzerland or Bolivia. For your next video game: New Citizen Quest! 

Or you can start collecting door knobs.

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