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If you haven’t dipped into these delightful fantasy novels by the noted British humorist, you’re in for a wild and wooly ride. They are also available as whimsical TV shows. 

Terry Pratchett, a British author, made the funny fantasy series Discworld.

It takes place on a made-up world called “Discworld,” a flat planet balanced on the backs of four elephants the size of planets. Which are in turn balanced on a cosmic turtle.

Between 1983 and 2015, it came out in different parts.

Discover Discworld

Some of the most famous science fiction, fantasy, current and even antique writers. Like Lovecraft, Shakespeare, Dickens, and Tolkien. Parodied and borrowed from in the novels and movies. They use topics from mythology, fables, fairy tales, and folklore. The stories look at different social and political problems in the modern West. You can read each of the forty-one books in Discworld on its own. But they also share some story arcs, which are often only mentioned briefly. People think that the TV show has made a big difference in the way authors write humor today.

Main plotline

One main storyline in Discworld is the wizard Rincewind. Rincewind, the first real protagonist of the series, is an antihero who has no desire for fame or money. But yet finds himself in precarious situations that force him to behave heroically or put him in danger. His aimless roaming causes him to frequently encounter odd problems in life.

A petition asking Rincewind to join an expedition to discover what lies beyond the edge of Discworld. The author rejects that line in one of these tales. The Last Hero.

Rincewind muses on the irony of fate after understanding that it is his destiny to set off on the adventure. Albeit regardless of his objections. He continues to save Discworld numerous times. And even contributes to the development of organic life on Roundworld, a barren alien planet. Other delightful fantasy characters weave their way in and out of the dozen novels and shows. They include vampires, werewolves, trolls, a cadre of elderly witches who can’t fly their brooms straight, and goblins. Even the gods of Discworld often make buffoonish guest appearances. All in all, these stories belong right up there with Alice in Wonderland.

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