What’s new on Amazon Prime for 2023

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Stock up on popcorn, chips, and beverages to settle in for a long winter’s viewing of new original content on Amazon Prime. Most of these programs will also stream on Freevee as well. Thanks, Santa!

6th of January

The Rig is about a tiny group of deep-sea oil drillers. As a hurricane rages outside, they decide to wait out the storm inside. Only to find that they are being followed by a dangerous creature.

France, the Land of Cosmic Love —

Four people take part in this one-of-a-kind social experiment. Their goal is to find the ideal partner for them via astrological matchmaking.

13th of January

In the second season of “Hunters,” the protagonists discover 100s of high-profile Nazi leaders in the Big Apple in 1977 who are plotting to establish a 4th Reich in the good old USA. The Hunters then make it their mission to bring the Nazis to justice and stop their new genocide plots.

After being rocked by the “sandpaper controversy” in 2018, the Australian men’s cricket team is attempting to recover its reputation in the second season of The Test.

20th of January

This is the second season of The Legend of Vox Machina. The team of eight improbable heroes known as Vox Machina find themselves on a mission. They’re going to save the land of Exandria from the clutches of evil magical forces.

Don’t belong to Amazon Prime?

Don’t join just because you want their streaming services. Truth be told, outside of their original programs, you can catch most of what they offer elsewhere. When the online retail behemoth announced earlier this year that the price of an annual Prime membership will increase from $119 to $139, it gave some Amazon devotees a little jolt. By all means, that rise is not slight. And given how many people are struggling to pay their bills due to inflation these days. The price increase undoubtedly caused many current Prime members to rethink that expenditure.

Some users may not have initially signed up for Prime due to Amazon’s higher price point. And if you’re one of them, you might be debating whether or not a Prime subscription is worthwhile in 2023. If you like to shop online then Amazon Prime is what you want – and the streaming service will be a bonus.

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