The Best Non-Fiction Novels of 2022

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Ask Santa to put these memoirs and How-to books in your stocking

Bad Sex. by Nona Willis Aronowitz Non-Fiction

One of the main reasons the sex columnist for Teen Vogue decided to divorce at age 32 was “poor sex.” Aronowitz, who had recently divorced, set out in pursuit of satisfying sex. However, along the way learned uncomfortable facts about “the problem that has no name.” Namely, that despite feminism’s advancements and the sexual revolution, true sexual freedom nevertheless remains elusive.

Aronowitz writes a no-nonsense examination of everything that’s wrong with young lovers. Including issues with desire, permission, and patriarchy, cultural critique, memoir, and social history intersect. It’s an enlightening book that will make you think more clearly.

My Pinup. By Hilton Als, non-fiction

My Pinup is the only book to cover so much ground in only 48 pages. To paraphrase the Prince of Wales in his own words -Als explores injustice on many different levels. From racist record labels to society’s intolerance toward gay Black boys. By dressing the iconic singer in the likeness of his lovers and himself.

The author reflects, “There was so much affection between us.” Why wasn’t it shared with us by anyone? It’s challenging to adequately describe these 48 meandering pages. But we assure you that My Pinup is a potent concoction you won’t soon forget.

Dickens and Prince. By Nick Hornby, memoirs?

What do Prince, the maestro of sensuality in modern music, and Charles Dickens, the social issue recorder of the nineteenth century, have in common?

You may be excused for having trouble coming up with an explanation. But for Nick Hornby, the connections are both clear and many.

The biographical connections between these two deceased celebrities are readily apparent in Dickens and Prince. However, Hornby contends that what truly unites Dickens and Prince is their “special type of genius.” As the author uncovers, despite both having passed away before turning sixty, they both shared an exceptional urge. They must create and produce enormous amounts of work.

However, this interesting history hides a warm and sage craft book. A book about what it takes to create great art in any century beneath its surface.

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