The Best Sci-Fi Books of 2022

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Take some time this Holiday season to read great sci-fi. 

Enhancement by Blake Crouch, a Sci-Fi novel

The bestselling author of Dark Matter and Recursion, Blake Crouch, presents his mind-bending sci-fi novel Upgrade. It’s as dark and moody as the last season of Netlfix’s The Blacklist.

What if the subsequent stage in human evolution was you? What if you could multitask more quickly, read faster, and memorize more if your concentration was better?

Logan Ramsay is experiencing it. He is aware the alteration in his genes and that it is not normal. The horrific plot to reproduce his upgrade among the world’s population has targeted him for an upgrade. And he might be the only one who can halt what has already been started.

A Desolation Called Peace. By Arkady Martine, Sci-Fi

This is and incredible follow-up to Arkady Martine’s debut science fiction novel. Which was nominated for a Hugo Award and won. The new book sees the Teixcalaanli Empire in an imminent alien threat that has the potential to bring about its utter destruction. This fascinating novel contains some hair-raising horror.

Fleet Captain Nine Hibiscus is the only thing standing between the empire and full-scale war. He sends an emissary to talk with the unknown invaders in a last-ditch effort to avert disaster. The Teixcalaan duology written by Arkady Martine is an absolute must-read for everyone who enjoys epic space opera.

Sea of Tranquility. By Emily St. John Mandel

First we see Edwin St. Andrew cast out of English society when he was just eighteen years old. He is now embarking on a trip across the Atlantic Ocean in the year 1912. Upon his arrival in British Columbia, he heads straight into the woods and is immediately wonder-struck by the Canadian wilderness. Before the sounds of a violin begin to echo through the air, there is complete silence.

After two centuries, renowned writer Olive Llewelyn is currently vacationing on earth. Shes is taking a break from her residence in the second moon colony on the moon. In the middle of her best-selling book comes a big scene. The reader sees a guy playing the violin for spare change. Of all places, in the corridor of an airship terminal while a forest grows around him. This captivating book transports the reader to a number of other realms and presents them with a variety of options.

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