Horror Novels for Winter Break

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Whether taking a break from school or work, here are our recommendations for horror thrills. Remember, it’s still cheaper to buy a good book than pay for video games!

Man Hunt. By Gretchen Felker-Martin, a horror novel

Every sentence written by Felker-Martin has a tinge of anger as she depicts transgender people struggling to survive. Survival after a plague turns anyone with a specific level of testosterone into a ferocious monster.

The already life-or-death nature of transition is elevated in the universe of Manhunt: protagonists Beth and Fran must scavenge enough estrogen to avoid contracting the virus. While Robbie strives to build a life while experiencing constant dysphoria because using testosterone is a capital offense. The story reads like a horror video game.

Their journey across a post-apocalyptic New England exposes them to a variety of dangers. Danger that include ferocious men, TERFs with a militant bent, self-loathing chasers, and rich-idiot survivalists. Think of this novel as The Road with a sense of humor and 110 percent more gay sex. It is timely, visceral, disgusting, brutal, and unexpectedly enjoyable.

A Black and Endless Sky. By Mathew Lyons.

Lyons’ second book swings for the fences with equal parts cosmic horror, road trip adventure, and adrenaline-fueled horror thriller.

Nell and Jonah, two somewhat separated siblings, are being followed by a violent motorcycle gang seeking retribution. Also, a wandering stranger who has unusually sharp eyesight, and the Thing inside Nell. Who has decided to tag along as they travel through the mountains and deserts of the American West.

Despite the fact that both of Lyons’ heroes are, to put it mildly, a disaster, he is a compelling writer. He doesn’t shy away from exposing his characters’ greatest flaws, so you can’t help but cheer for them. You’re in for some of the most viscerally memorable body horror scenes we’ve read in a while. Add to that, a fast pace, deliciously hateable villains, and top-notch horror action.

Ghost Eaters. By Clay McLeod Chapman, a horror novel

Ghost Eaters should make Clay McLeod Chapman a star if justice prevails. Erin has a chance to speak to Silas one more time after he overdoses. Of course, there’s a catch—you can’t choose which ghosts you see or how long they stay. Once they see you, they won’t let go. It’s a gripping narrative of grief and addiction that makes you realize how many ghosts America has.

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