The Number Of Game Announcements During The 2022 Game Awards Show Was Kind Of Insane 

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The 2022 Video Game Awards ceremony occurred on Thursday, December 8, to promote the most outstanding achievements across the video game industry. 

Elden Ring was named Game Of The Year. Christopher Judge (the voice behind Kratos in the God Of War series) was awarded Best Performance. Stray was called Best Indie Game. 

The winner’s list keeps going – there are 28 more categories. Check out our article: All 31 Winners Of The 2022 Video Game Awards Show, if you want to check out all the winners and nominees. 

That said, as much as we were watching to check if our hunches were correct (they were, thanks for asking), we were blown away by the number of upcoming title announcements and release dates. So, we might as well jump right in. 

Final Fantasy XVI 

Square Enix released a plot and gameplay footage trailer in October, but they have formally announced its 2023 release date: June 22, 2023.

Armord Core VI: Fires Of Rubicon

Coming from the Elden Ring Game Of The Year developer, FromSoftware, a new Armored Core 6 title will be coming out next year, despite no release date being mentioned.

Hades 2

Developer Supergiant Games officially announced Hades 2, a sequel to the 2020 Game Of The Year Winner. Supposedly, players will be able to play via Early Access in 2023.


As a personal treat, Ken Levine – the mastermind behind the Bioshock universe, has revealed his latest single-player shooter, JudasFrom their December 9th press release, “A disintegrating starship. A desperate escape plan. You are the mysterious and troubled Judas. Your only hope for survival is to make or break alliances with your worst enemies. Will you work together to fix what you broke – or will you leave it to burn?” From their trailer, it’s safe to say that the Bioshock days vibes are coming back.

Death Stranding 2

Legendary video game director Hideo Kojima made a personal appearance during the awards ceremony to reveal the sequel to his 2019 original.

Star Wars: Jedi Survivor

Announced on January 25, 2022, EA Star Wars provided fans with a new gameplay trailer during the awards show in addition to confirmation of a March 17, 2023, release date. 

Diablo 4

Officially launching on June 6, 2023, Blizzard has revealed that Diablo 4 will conduct an open beta during the first half of next year. And according to IGN, who played a prerelease version of the game’s first act, the game will be “huge.”

For Even More News On Announcements…

The number of announcements covered in this article has only reached the surface of what’s to come. Click Here for an even more comprehensive list of upcoming title reveals, release dates, gameplay trailers, and more. 

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