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Make Reading a New Fantasy Novel Your New Year’s Goal for 2023

Heart of the Sun Warrior, a novel by Sue Lynn Tan

Daughter of the Moon Goddess, Sue Lynn Tan’s debut novel, captivated readers worldwide early this year. Additionally, she released the second book in the duology this year, saving us time and giving us another romantic and action-packed adventure. In the first novel, Xingyin, the moon goddess Chang’e’s daughter, fought her way into the palace’s military to protect her family while also falling in love with Liwei, the prince, the Celestial Emperor’s son.

Xingyin is thrust back into action as Heart of the Sun Warrior begins up where the previous novel left off. It’s like ancient Greek mythology. The moon goddess and her daughter were forced to leave for their lives after the Celestial Emperor once more found justification to punish them. Even after his betrayals, Wenzhi tries to win over Xingyin. Again, our girl is offered the option of trying to outsmart the gods, which is foolish. This sequel is a story of love for one’s family and the calm dignity of never giving up, cramming an astounding, almost breathless amount of storyline into its pages. 

The Spear Cuts Through Water. By Simon Jimenez

With its fluid surrealism, The Spear Cuts Through Water is reminiscent of Gabriel Garcia Marquez, but Jimenez infuses his own immersive style by fusing first-, second-, and third-person viewpoints. Jimenez’s choice to repeatedly interrupt the main narrative with the free-flowing thoughts of incidental characters gives you the impression that you are floating through this realm, both bound to and freed by his captivating style.

Many different things make up The Spear Cuts Through Water. It’s a mesmerizing ode to folklore and oral storytelling. It is a serious investigation of family and identity. The Spear Cuts Through Water is, above all, though, a love story—and it’s unlike any other you’ve read before.

The Oleander Sword, a novel by Tasha Suri

The Oleander Sword is a horrific epic that inexorably builds toward complete destruction, unlike the first Burning Kingdoms book. The Jasmine Kingdom closes with Malini waging a bitter war against her brother to take the throne and Priya becoming an Elder of Ahiranya. The two women jump at the chance to reconcile and overthrow Parijatdvipa when they can support each other. The kingdom faces more than Malini’s brother. Priya and Bhumika reconsider their beliefs and history while the kingdom rots. In The Oleander Sword, political schemes, sexual aspirations, and religious convictions clash in captivating and often painful ways.

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