Games You Can Play on your Netflix Subscription

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If you’re interested in a new game, you might want to try Netflix Games. While the game won’t be compatible with a Smart TV, it can be played on iOS or Android devices. The game also allows you to play it offline. This is useful if you have no access to WiFi or are in a waiting area. It’s also useful if you’re in quarantine and are stuck without an internet connection.

Each Netflix game is saved to your profile, and with Cloud Saves you can pick up where you left off on a different device. Currently, Netflix Games include critically acclaimed turn-based strategy game Into the Breach and the intense roguelike card game Arcanium: Rise of Akhan.

If you’re looking for some new games to play on your phone, Netflix has a few to choose from. You can play the games on Android devices if you have a Netflix subscription. You can find these games by logging into the Netflix app and finding a dedicated “Games” row. From there, you can choose any game you’d like to play, and you can use your subscription to play it.


Netflix has announced a new partnership with 11 bit studios, the developers of the action RPG Moonlighter. The game originally launched on the PC in 2018, and was later released for Xbox One and Switch. The game was taken off the App Store in 2020, but is now coming to Netflix via its games library.  

Moonlighter is a mix of shop management and action RPG. It follows Will, a shopkeeper who has a dream of being a hero. In the game, players explore nearby ruins, fight enemies, and earn loot to sell at their shop. The game has sold half a million copies, and will soon be available on Netflix.

Players can learn skills like crafting and enchanting, which help them level up. Players can also explore dungeons and combat enemies. The game has an intuitive interface, which allows players to focus on what matters most. Get inspired enough to finally buy feminized seeds and reap its benefits that can help you focus on your new Netflix games experience.

Stranger Things 3: The Game

Netflix is getting into gaming, and the company has announced plans to release Stranger Things 3: The Game through its game library in May. The game is based on the popular Netflix television series, and it will include no in-app purchases or ads. However, players will need a Netflix subscription to play it. Netflix has also confirmed that it will release more streaming TV series-themed games in the future.

This cooperative brawler lets players choose from one of the 12 characters in the Stranger Things franchise. It follows their adventures as they battle the Mind Flayer, who possessed Will last year. The town of Hawkins, Indiana, is influenced by the evil spirit, and it is up to the young residents to save the town.

Stranger Things: 1984

This video game follows the events of the popular Netflix series. The first season is set in 1983, while seasons two and three take place in 1984 and 1985 respectively. Season four will jump ahead to 1986. Season three follows the younger kids in seventh grade, while season four follows the older kids in high school. In this way, fans of the Netflix series can explore Hawkins’ past and future as they explore the mysterious events that take place in their hometown.

Unlike its predecessor, Stranger Things: 1984 features several stages. Players must complete puzzles and missions in order to progress. In addition to solving puzzles, players also need to take on the role of various characters and defeat the Demogorgon. The game is easy to play and offers a variety of challenges.

Despite being a sequel to the Netflix hit, Stranger Things: 1984 has a lot of advantages over similar titles. Its retro graphics and gameplay will appeal to many gamers. It also features a Netflix-exclusive feature.

Shooting Hoops

One of the new releases is Shooting Hoops, a basketball-themed mobile game. This game requires you to shoot a bouncing ball into a basketball hoop, rack up points, and earn achievements. The game has a low rating in the Play Store, but has amassed over 50,000 installs.

Side Notes

The games are free to download and offer a variety of features.

The game library is growing with Netflix’s expansion of its gaming services. In September, the streaming service announced that it would expand to include more gaming titles. As part of this new initiative, Netflix has been testing the service in several countries and is expected to add more titles in the coming months. The first five games released on the service are for Android users, but the company isn’t revealing a specific release date for iOS devices.

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