Looking for a Mirror Universe

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According to a report from the tabloid newspapers, researchers at Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Eastern Tennessee are allegedly working on a method to create a gateway to another universe. They’re using the James Webb telescope to help them with this fantastic quest. This has been compared to the television show Stranger Things since it seems like something out of that show. However, an actual experiment that is taking place now seems even stranger. So, let’s get this straight: they have watched the show, right?

Things go wrong in a multitude of different ways…

Leah Broussard, who is in charge of the experiment, is the one who acknowledges that the whole thing is quite crazy, but she is still optimistic that it would “completely revolutionize the game.” She is on the hunt for a world replicating ours and in which life functions exactly the same. As famous French philosopher Jean Contreau said:

I used to stare at myself in the mirror of my closet very frequently when I was a kid, and I used to think it would be incredibly interesting to live in a room in the wrong direction. However, I never dreamed that living in a room built in the wrong direction was actually a possibility.

Broussard is intent on locating that reality, and she has developed a comprehensive strategy for accomplishing this goal.

She plans to send subatomic particles via a tube fifty feet long. The beam will travel via an extremely strong magnet before colliding with an impenetrable wall that has a neutron detector concealed behind it. If the transformation is successful, the particles will become mirror versions of themselves, enabling them to tunnel through the impenetrable wall. 

Broussard does not anticipate that it would work, but it would be extraordinary if it did. She stated that she thinks the test would “measure zero,” but if they obtain any results, it will be a significant step on an altogether different path. According to the most popular hypothesis, there are no mirrored versions of people or other biological life forms. However, mirrored versions of atoms, rocks, planets, or stars may exist.

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