Sojourn: Overwatch 2 Beta New Character

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Want to know a little bit more about Overwatch 2’s new character Sojourn? You’ve come to the right place. We have broken down everything you need to know to start playing Sojourn in the new beta.

Primary Weapon

Sojourn is a damage-dealing hero in Overwatch 2. She uses a Railgun as her main weapon to rapidly fire projectiles that generate energy on hit with her basic attack. The right click button then uses a high impact shot to consume that stored energy for a bigger hit.


She also benefits from a strong movement speed increase passive. This allows her to move around the field faster than many opponents.

Sojourn - Overwatch 2
Sojourn – Overwatch 2

Sojourn Abilities

Sojourn’s abilities are again energy-related. Her Ultimate Overclock will take the Railgun energy for a short duration and her shots will pierce enemies for massive damage.

Power Slide is a ground slide that you can cancel into a high jump. This adds great maneuverability to an already mobile hero. Good players can utilize this to move around and avoid getting hit by enemies.

Disruptor Shot launches an energy burst that snares and deals damage to enemies within it. You can deal some good Area of Effect (AOE) damage to multiple players by utilizing this ability at the right time.

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