‘Seven Kings Must Die’ What do We Know so far?

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With The Last Kingdom ending with it’s 5th and final season many fans are wondering what’s next for the hit BBC/Netflix show

Read on to find out but fair warning! There will be plenty of spoilers in this article.

If you haven’t watched The Last Kingdom but are debating whether or not to, check out my spoiler-free take on The Last Kingdom here.

The last kingdom Ending

If you’re here you’ve probably already heard of The Last Kingdom and I would wager that you’ve already completed the show. The rest of the article will have spoilers.

I want to talk about Season 5, a lot.

I specifically want to talk about the ending, it’s significance, and how it allows for more to come.

In my opinion, the final scenes of The Last Kingdom are some of the best in the show.

In the final episode we watch our Hero Uhtred’s destiny come full circle as he infiltrates his ancestral home to rescue the hostages before King Aethelred plans to lay siege to it. The circumstances are high and the things could not be worse, because reinforcements against them are marching down from Scotland and time is of the essence.

Aethrelred, eager and anxious to pull the trigger, breaks from the plan and attacks early, causing a domino effect that almost causes the ultimate defeat of his army and the death of our hero Uhtred of Bebbanburg.

Of course all goes right, because plot armor-though I would’ve loved a tragic loss as an ending- and our heroes are victorious.

But, actions have consequences. Aethelred’s poor decisions throughout the episode(and frankly throughout the season) have made literally everyone, including his own mother, see him as a foolish and untrustworthy leader.

Because of this he loses the ability to unite all 4 Kingdoms of England, and, causing him to fail not only his but his father’s dream which he set upon himself.

In a tense conversation between Uhtred and Aethelred he tells him this, and then alludes that it will be in fact the future generations that will fight again, but for now, peace will be upheld.

I will spare you, the reader, any more of what happens, because you’ve probably seen it already and came here to find out about Seven Kings Must Die.

Movie Sequel : Seven Kings Must Die

We actually knew that there was going to be a Movie Sequel to The Last Kingdom before the 5th and final season aired in March of 2022.

Announced back in 2021, alongside the announcement of Season 5, we know that Seven Kings Must Die will take place after the events of Season 5.

The movie began filming in Hungary in January of 2022, and it was confirmed by star Alexander Dreymond that filming had wrapped on March 21, 2022.

See what he had to say in this emotional video posted to his Instagram account

Release Date

We don’t have a release date for Seven Kings Must Die but we can most likely expect it in very late 2022 or early 2023.

It will be released directly to Netflix.

You can watch Seasons 1-5 of The Last Kingdom on Netflix right now!

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