Lost Ark Giant Hearts Collection Guide

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Giant Hearts are one of the many important collectibles in Lost Ark. At the very least, you should aim to obtain 12 Giants Hearts to unlock 4 skill point potions (one at 4 collected, one at 6 collected, one at 10 collected, and one at 12 collected.) that will give all characters on your roster extra skill points! There are 15 hearts in total to collect, with many rewards for handing them into Minerva on Wisdom Isle.

All Giants Hearts Currently Available


2nd Giant’s Heart:   Beatrice Friendly Reputation
3rd Giant’s Heart:    Sasha Trusted Stage
9th Giant’s Heart:    Calvasus Trusted Stage
14th Giant’s Heart:   Ninaveh Trusted Stage

Coin Exchanges

5th Giant’s Heart: Go To Blackfang’s Den (Island) and trade for Gienah’s Coin x3,300
6th Giant’s Heart: Go To Atlas (Island) and trade for  Pirate Coin x33,000
8th Giant’s Heart: Go To Freedom Island and trade for  Gienah’s Coin x4,000


1st Giant’s Heart: In Tortoyk Complete:Five Scattered Brothers
15th Giant’s Heart:15th Heart Started By Obtaining Reinvigorated Giant’s Heart

Una’s Tasks

7th Giant’s Heart: Tooki Island 30x  Una’s Task: Taking on Tooki
11th Giant’s Heart: Azure Wind Island 15x Una’s Task: Ruffians in the Ground
12th Giant’s Heart: Shadowmoon MarketWith a Light Heart – Complete the Green Co-Op Quest First.

Tower & Bosses

4th Giant’s Heart: Lake Eternity  Field Boss Tarsila Potential Drop (Shushire)
10th Giant’s Heart:  Shadespire Floor 35
13th Giant’s Heart:  Fatespire Floor 35

Giant’s Hearts Rewards List

Hearts Image Reward
1 icon Stat Increase Potion
2 icon Wisdom Potion
3 icon Resonating Giant’s Heart
4 icon Skill Point Potion
5 icon Wealth (Rare)
6 icon Skill Point Potion
7 icon Vitality Increase Potion
8 icon Transformation: Totoiki
9 icon Masterpiece #21
10 icon Skill Point Potion
11 icon Masterpiece #33
12 icon Skill Point Potion
13 icon Focus (Epic)
14 icon Reinvigorated Giant’s Heart
15 icon Giant’s Secret Chest
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