Lost Ark Charisma Guide – Rapport

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In this quick and concise guide, we show you all the sources of Charisma Potions in Lost Ark. You will need high levels of Charisma in order to talk to certain NPCs for Rapport. You can gain small amounts of virtues through certain small side quests along the way, but other sources grant potions that will increase your virtue by 10.

Charisma is one of the four Virtue Stats that you need to acquire. These four are:

Follow the information below so you can track down every Charisma Potion in Lost Ark.

Quests: All Quests That Grant Charisma Potions

Quest: What’s In A Name

  • Where: Prideholme, Rethramis
  • Pre-requisites:
    • Main Quest: Neria’s Story

Quest: Song of the Azure Wind

Chain Quest: Collecting Smuggled Goods

Chain Quest: Music in Elzowin

Chain Quest: Kinsera’s Fatalism

Rapport: All Rapport Sources of Charisma Potions

Elia Nahun

  • Where: Dyorika Plain, East Luterra
  • Rapport: Amicable – Level 2 (Total 1600)
  • Pre-Requisites:


  • Where: Rothun, Rohendal
  • Rapport: Neutral – Level 2 (Total 3,000)
  • Pre-Requisites:



  • Where: Prideholme, Rethramis
  • Rapport: Amicable – Level 2 (Total 10,400)
  • Pre-Requisites:



Una’s Tasks: All Una’s Tasks for Reputation to obtain Charisma Potions

Icewing Heights Una’s Daily Tasks

Runaways Island Una’s Daily Tasks

Hope Island Una’s Daily Tasks

Adventurer’s Tome: Gain Charisma Potions from Completing Tomes


  • Complete 40% of the Adventure Tome


  • Complete 20% of the Adventure Tome
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