Top 7 New Releases in Horror Books March 2022

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The horror selections in March 2022 are some of the finest in a while. Some of these stories employ literary techniques that are hard to replicate in other storytelling mediums, and also most of the magic in them does not depend only on how scary they are, but can be mind-shattering about how the life of other people can be more horrifying than any fictional story. Some concepts are also pretty unique and hard to come by, but very relevant in our modern world.

Escaping the Body

Escaping the Body Horror March 2022

I think every good book, in general, is characterized by the amount of background research that went into writing it and Escaping the body nails this aspect. It’s a book of poems with a wide range of diverse themes, and a lot of references to sci-fi, horror, and historical figures. It’s like a surreal out-of-body experience that wonders what if you actually were not limited to your own body and experience. The poems answer this question in all sorts of ways, even the biological and scientific fields, and each of them is a strong read on its own, but together, they make one of the most iconic books of 2022.

Terror in the Trench: An Aquatic Horror Anthology

Terror in the Trench: An Aquatic Horror Anthology Horror march 2022

If you are ever found yourself slightly interested in more stories with Lovecraft vibes and his unreal longing for the cosmic horror beyond understanding, this anthology will give you exactly what you want. A lot of talented writers have participated in the creation of this literary celebration, and all of their stories are very well written and have a great variety and depth in the topics they explore surrounding the deep sea concept. Also, all profit related to this book goes for Oceanic conservative charity groups, so you really can’t go wrong with picking this one.

Palimpsest: A Collection of Contemporary Horror

Palimpsest: A Collection of Contemporary Horror march 2022

If you have liked our first two recommendations, then this one is a good mixture of both the poetry of the first and the prose of the second. Not just that, but the author makes great use of her birthplace to take the readers across a wild trip to everywhere really in Canada. The wilderness, the lakes and the bridges. She has a very vivid imagination and can completely change your mind on any place that many other authors dismiss as safe or irrelevant to a scary plot. It’s not even Canada anymore, it’s the author’s own world, and you will be enjoying discovering where she would take you next. It’s not a novel to be missed especially if you enjoy fictional takes on real landscapes and locations.

All the White Spaces

All the White Spaces Horror March 2022

As I have made obvious here before, I am always in love with fictional tropes that occur in real historical settings, like this one here that takes you on an Antarctic expedition in the wake of the first world war. The lack of resources and technical development actually allows for far more narrative choices and tricks, simply because authors are constrained with their plot devices and deus ex machina solutions. Not to mention, these novels always include a great deal of research on realistic topics in all fields, so it’s actually very educational and fun at the same time.

The Resting Place

The Resting Place March 2022

I chose this novel simply because it delves into a unique and rarely explored topic: Prosopagnosia, or the ability to recognize a familiar person’s face. At least according to good reads, there are only 18 written books about this subject. I think these types of horror are what’s really worth it. Few books talk about the terrifying things inside us, and that some of us have to live with on a daily basis, largely due to medical accidents/issues, and you can’t even talk about it, or save yourself from it because it’s already a part of you. Reality can be really more terrifying than fiction sometimes.

The Temps

The temps march 2022

I admit I laughed a bit when I started reading the premise of this novel. Unemployment and unpaid internships. Yeah, that’s a really horrific background right here. But the more I got through the premise, the more I felt the story was really creative and the cast choices were actually meaningful, as revolve around people you meet when you are still starting your career life, but in an apocalyptic setting instead of your regular sitcom. It makes you wonder where he is going with that, and it screams critique energy about our early adult life. Horror fans really shouldn’t miss this one.


Sundial march 2022

Saving the best for last. Sundial is a psychological horror book, and while that should be enough to sell you on the concept. You should also know that people leave bad reviews on this book on amazon simply because they couldn’t handle the disturbing material. Many kinds of abuse and violence and referenced her with sincere and vivid prose, and therefore the topic might not be digestible to some, but as I mentioned earlier, some of the most horrifying things, can come from the places and people that are close to you, and things that could happen on an everyday basis like the things in this novel, so while it might be disturbing, it is certainly the truth for some people.

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