Deliver Us The Moon is coming to Google Stadia

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Wired Productions, a publisher of indie games, and KeokeN Interactive, a Dutch game studio, today announced that Deliver Us The Moon, the epic sci-fi thriller, will launch onto Stadia. This is Google’s cloud gaming platform, which allows you to instantly play games on any screen you own. It launches in April 2022.

The Stadia announcement continues the stellar journey of Deliver Us The Moon, the award-winning title that was first released in October 2019. Deliver Us The Moon is set in an apocalyptic future in which Earth’s natural resources have been depleted. It follows the astronomical voyage of a single astronaut sent to the moon to save humanity.

Deliver us to the moon
Deliver us to the moon

What is Deliver us to the moon?

Deliver Us the Moon is a Sci-Fi thriller that takes place in an apocalyptic future where Earth’s natural resources have been depleted. The World Space Agency was established by global powers to secure a new source of energy for the moon in an attempt to address the energy crisis.
The World Space Agency operated from the moon, colonizing and operating until the fateful night when all communication with Earth was cut off and the energy source was lost. You now play the role of Earth’s last astronaut, on a mission to save humanity and investigate what happened.

Key Features

  • Real World Problems: The narrative focuses on current issues like climate change or the loss of natural resources.
  • Multi-Gameplay Styles:Explore sequences of 1st or 3rd person play as Deliver Us The Moon takes players on an epic narrative adventure that will break all genre boundaries
  • Become an Astronaut: Launch a rocket from Earth and travel through the WSA space station to explore the lunar landscape.
  • Discover the Past:Ruins from previous lunar missions have many stories to tell. Your Astrotool can help you uncover the history and origins of the lunar colony.
  • Get in the Space Age Tech Spirit: With the ASE drone as your only companion, you can utilise all the latest technology available from space-suits and cutting lasers to rockets and robotic arms.
  • Survive Hazardous Environments With oxygen tanks running low and the ever-present void of Space staring at you, it won’t be easy to stay alive
  • Crack The Code:Overcome all obstacles and dangers and discover the secrets of the past using various tools and all your wits to solve complex puzzles
  • Feel Lightweight with an Atmospheric and Breathtaking Soundtrack:Inspired from the best Sci-Fi films, Deliver Us The Moon features a stunning soundtrack that rivals the movies. It has three hours of original music
  • Powered By Unreal(r), Engine 4:Deliver us The Moon uses Unreal (r) Engine 4 for incredible gameplay and stunning graphics

Official Trailer

Are you excited to play Deliver us to the moon?

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