FAR: Changing Tides Releases for PC and Consoles

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Frontier Foundry today announced the release of FAR: Changing Tides, the next installment in the FAR universe by Okomotive developers. The game can be played on the Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Switch, Steam and Epic Store, now.

“What started as a university project with FAR: Lone Sails has grown into a studio of 10 people, two games and over six years of wonderful memories made at Okomotive. Our development journey for FAR: Changing Tides has ended but we can’t wait to see how our players experience their journey in this wonderful world.”

Don Schmocker – Lead Design and Co-Founder

What is Far: Changing Tides?

This game is an atmospheric vehicle adventure that follows a boy and his boat on an emotional voyage to find a home. Explore forgotten ruins and sail through stormy waters in this beautifully rendered, flooded world.

Expanding on FAR: Lone Sails’ desolate setting, Changing Tides replaces sun-stained, dusty planes with stormy skies and high oceans. The world of FAR Changing Tides offers new environments, puzzles, and ship mechanics that provide a thrilling experience for fans and new players.

As Toe, the new protagonist, overcome all elements and find yourself alone in a flood-prone world. The place that once belonged to you is now hostile and unfamiliar. Toe must navigate through the ruinations of an once great society to find a new beginning.


Okomotive’s FAR universe grows today as players travel through a flooded landscape in a meditative trip with FAR : Changing Tides, Frontier Foundry’s latest release. This post-apocalyptic adventure features a dynamic soundtrack and painterly style, as well as verticality and the dive feature. It is sure to make for a memorable experience, both for those who are new to the companion title FAR, Lone Sails.

Players will take control of Toe, a lonely boy who captains a ship that crosses a drowned planet. Through puzzles, flooded civilizations and unforgiving elements, Toe will guide the players.

A variety of partnerships and activities were revealed throughout the campaign to celebrate this beautiful and unique game. Highlights include the Awesome Games Done Quick charity streaming with the San Francisco Monterey Bay Aquarium, the ArtStation narrated artwork tutorial, and the Soundwaves lo fi soundtrack.

“Okomotive’s passion for their craft and the incredible experience they have delivered is a perfect example of Foundry’s aim – to help teams make the games we want to see. We gave the studio our support and their vision has resulted in a game that is both beautiful and emotional, and we couldn’t be more proud of them.”

Senior Director of Publishing and Commercial, Chad Young

Trailer – Xbox

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