MerFight: Curse of the Arctic Prince Arrives on Steam Early Access March 31st

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MerFight: Curse Of The Arctic Prince, the 2.5D fighting game based on merfolk will be available on Steam Early Access starting March 31

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MerFight: Curse Of The Arctic Prince

The Story

The three ancients ruled all of life in the earliest days. The Aquatic, The Terrestrial and The Empyrean, were all transfigurations of three separate elements that kept the world in balance. An ancient shark warrior created the Celestial Tide, which was an atmospheric pool filled with water that caused all life to die. The Aquatic became the only life force, and The Terrestrial as well as Empyrean disappeared. The Aquatic, which was made up of all 9 elements, punished all living things in the ocean by forcing them to the land.

What is MerFight?

MerFight is a 2.5D fighting video that features 12 fishy fighters. It’s influenced by various sea life, such as sharks and angler fishes.

This indie game emphasizes flexibility and leniency and is an engaging fighter that’s both easy to understand and fast-paced for both veterans and newcomers to the genre.

Many fighting games require inputs like quarter-circles in order to perform super and special attacks. MerFight however allows for simpler inputs like forward + attack. Players will get a slight boost in their meters if they perform the traditional input correctly. This is to help players who struggle with traditional inputs to still be successful in MerFight, and to make it easier for them to get started faster!

Game Modes

Local Versus

Competitively fight in 1-on-1 matches.


You can create 8-person lobbies online or take part in casual or ranked quick matches online using rollback netcode.

Tutorial Mode

Interactive tutorials will help you learn about MerFight’s mechanics. They cover the basics, advanced techniques and character-specific aspects.

Training Mode

Training mode: Practice with input and hitsphere displays, setup recording, etc.

Arcade Mode (In progress)

Combat a variety of AI-controlled enemies. AI will continue to improve throughout Early Access.

Combo Challenge (In progress)

Try to do a series combo for each fighter in MerFight.

Block & Punish Challenge (In Progress)

This mode teaches you how to stop and punish different attack sequences.

Story Mode (Coming Soon)

MerFight’s – Story mode heats up as the battle for Rho, to dethrone the Arctic King.

Replay Mode

Replay Mode allows you to rewatch the last ten matches. There are more features in the works; at present records online and non AI local versus matches.

Official Trailer

James Laight

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