Top VR MMORPGs to Play in 2022

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Are you looking to escape Reality in a VR MMORPG? Fiction Talk has you covered with our guide to Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games that have Virtual Reality functionality built in. While VR technology is still a little behind in gaming, it’s exciting to see more MMO games with VR support.

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What is VR Gaming?

VR gaming refers to a the newest generation in computer games that use virtual reality (VR), which gives players an almost real life, first-person view of the game. A variety of VR accessories and headsets allow players to both interact with the game and make decisions.

Technology has advanced to the point where virtual reality gaming hardware is able to offer great experiences with very little lag and nausea. These are two areas that have been problematic in the past.

List of VR MMORPGs


  • Release Date: Coming Soon
  • Developer: Team 21 Studio, LLC
  • Publisher: Team 21 Studio, LLC

Ilysia is an online multiplayer VR RPG. Players will explore the Ilysian world together as they seek out and discover new areas. Every area has bosses and dungeons as well as large outdoor cities that are waiting to be discovered.

Ilysia will allow players to explore hidden caves, and find treasures by climbing. Players will be able to hang from cliff edges and jump from ledges to ledges, as well as leap into deep lagoons.

Guardians are world bosses in every Kingdom of Ilysia. These Guardians are hundreds of stories high and contain exploration zones and dungeons. These Guardians can be climbed and explored by players while they quest in Ilysia. Or, they can be avoided and accessed at their own pace.

Each player will receive a unique caravan which can be decorated and customized to meet their individual tastes and needs. If the player chooses, they can use caravans to travel quickly between Kingdoms.

Planned Features:

  • Planned PVP
  • There are daily and holiday-themed quests.
  • A traveling festival that allows players to play mini-games and win exclusive gear, weapons, pets, or mounts.
  • Control airships


  • Release Date: Apr 23, 2019
  • Developer: Orbus Online, LLC
  • Publisher: Orbus Online, LLC

OrbusVR is the world’s first fantasy MMORPG that can be used in virtual reality. You will find everything you want in an MMO, including a vast open world, hundreds upon hours of quests and dragon pets, ten-player Raids, voicechat, player trading, and a five-player group Dungeon.

You can experience fantasy in VR like never before. OrbusVR offers a unique experience that allows you to use your sword, draw spells with a pen, cast a line from a fishing pole, or harvest ingredients.


  • Release Date (VR): April 2016
  • Developer: Roblox Corporation
  • Publisher: Roblox Corporation

Roblox Corporation developed Roblox, an online game platform and game-creation system. It allows users to create and modify games, as well as play games made by others.

Roblox VR was launched for Oculus Rift in April 2016. More than ten million 3D games were available at the time of its release.

Roblox is completely free to play, and in-game purchases can be made using a virtual currency called Robux. Roblox has over 164 million active users per month as of August 2020. It is used by more than half of the children under 16 years old in the United States.


  • Release Date: TBD
  • Developer: Digital Messiah Games
  • Publisher: Digital Messiah Games

VRKraft is an action-packed online VRRPG lets you explore the Three-Worlds, stop the rise of the ancient Dragon Tetrac and save the Earth. You can level up, make new friends, or challenge other players.

Completing quests and leveling up your character will allow you to play with other players in 4v4 game modes.


  • Warrior
  • Paladin
  • Hunter
  • Mage
  • Priest

Zenith: The Last City

Zenith: The Last City
Zenith: The Last City
  • Release Date: January 27, 2022
  • Developer: Ramen VR
  • Publisher: Ramen VR

Zenith: The Last City is a MMORPG VR world where you can fight, craft, explore, or just lose yourself. You can make alliances and friends in parties and guilds. You can join epic raids or world events and forge your own path. What will you do with your power?

Conclusion – Should you play a VR MMO?

The MMO market has been turbulent over the last decade and fans of the genre are really open to any solid gameplay experience at this point. As VR Technology improves, so will the games that come to market.

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