Wii Shooter Games to Try in 2022 (15+ Titles)

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Are you looking for the most popular a shooting games on Wii? This list includes the top-selling Wii shooter games you can try in 2022. To be fair, not all of these games are amazing and it’s important to read the reviews before you make a purchase. Fictiontalk will keep this list up to date as more shooters come out for Wii. Let’s get started!

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1. Medal of Honor: Vanguard – Nintendo Wii

Medal of Honor: Vanguard - Nintendo Wii

Many gameplay elements are shared with Medal of Honor: Airborne. You can customize your weapons by adding a telescopic view to a M1 Garand rifle or a drum magazine to a Thompson submachine guns. However, these upgrades are limited to certain levels.

The role of Cpl/Sgt. is taken on by players. Frank Keegan is a member of the 82nd Airborne Division and 17th Airborne Division that fights the Axis forces of Nazi Germany, the Kingdom of Italy, and other terrorists.

  • Initial release date: March 26, 2007
  • Series: Medal of Honor
  • Publisher: EA Originals
  • Composer: Michael Giacchino
  • Developers: Ripple Effect Studios, Budcat Creations
  • Platforms: Wii, PlayStation 2
  • Modes: Single-player video game, Multiplayer video game

2. Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles

Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles

Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles was created by Capcom, Cavia and part of the Resident Evil Series. The Wii released the game on November 13, 2007, in North America, November 15, 2007, in Japan, and November 30, 2007, in Europe (excluding Germany), where it is currently unavailable due to a USK rating refusal.

The Umbrella Chronicles can be labeled as an on-rails shooter. The Wii remote can be used to aim and shoot just like a light gun shooter. Wii Zapper is compatible with this game. The game allows players to shoot enemies, collect weapons, and other health items. Sometimes, they can choose between multiple paths.

  • Initial release date: November 13, 2007
  • Series: Resident Evil
  • Composer: Masafumi Takada
  • Developers: Cavia, Capcom
  • Genres: Survival horror, Light gun shooter, Rail shooter, First-person shooter, Shoot ’em up
  • Platforms: Wii, PlayStation 3
  • Publishers: Capcom, THQ, Red Ant Enterprises, Nintendo Australia

3. Medal of Honor: Heroes 2

Medal of Honor: Heroes 2 | Wii | Playthrough - YouTube

Medal of Honor Heroes 2 for Wii and PlayStation Portable is a first-person shooter videogame. This is the 12th installment of the Medal of Honor series of World War II video games. Each version was designed specifically for the system it is part of.

The Wii version features 32 players and six maps. Six uniforms are available for Axis and Three for Allies. There are several game modes including Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Infiltration, Online leaderboards and arcade mode.

  • Initial release date: November 13, 2007
  • Series: Medal of Honor
  • Publisher: EA Originals
  • Genre: First-person shooter
  • Developers: Team Fusion, Ripple Effect Studios, EA Vancouver
  • Modes: Single-player video game, Multiplayer video game
  • Platforms: PlayStation Portable, Wii

4. Jurassic: The Hunted – Nintendo Wii

Amazon.com: Jurassic: The Hunted - Nintendo Wii : Everything Else

The player controls former Navy Seal Craig Dylan, as he goes with his war buddy Amando “Rock” Depiedra and scientist Sabrina Sayrus, to the Bermuda Triangle in search of Sabrina’s father, Dr. James Sayrus. After a vortex causes the plane to crash, the trio is forced to jump from the plane. Each one jumps through a different vortex and lands in a different area of the Bermuda Triangle.

There are many types of combat encounters: survival modes, boss battles, arena fights and fortification sieges. The player can visualize the weak points of their opponent and target them with adrenaline bursts.

  • Initial release date: November 3, 2009
  • Publisher: Activision
  • Genre: First-person shooter
  • Engine: CloakNT
  • Developers: Cauldron, Bohemia Interactive
  • Platforms: Wii, PlayStation 2, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3

5. Ghost Squad – Nintendo Wii

Ghost Squad - Nintendo Wii

Ghost Squad makes use of the Wii Remote’s pointer functionality, nunchuk and Wii Zapper, giving players more control options. The game also features a pointer calibration mode that allows players to use line of sight aiming and fire exactly where the Wii Remote points. For more points, the player can turn off the onscreen pointer.

  • Initial release date: November 2004
  • Publisher: Sega
  • Developers: Sega AM2, Polygon Magic, Sega
  • Platforms: Arcade video game, Wii
  • Modes: Single-player video game, Multiplayer video game
  • Genres: Light gun shooter, Rail shooter, Shoot ’em up
  • Original author: Sega, Sega AM2, Polygon Magic

6. House of the Dead Series

House of the Dead Series

The House of the Dead 2 features both the arcade and original games. The boss mode allows you to battle any boss in the game. House of the Dead 2 has a training mode that includes a series of minigames.

House of the Dead 3 features a time attack mode that replaces time with health. House of the Dead 3 includes an unlockable “extreme” game mode that features tougher enemies and a smaller shotgun blast radius. Weapons can now be used to perform melee attacks, which are useful for blocking enemy blows. After each melee attack, the player must reload. 

  • Developer: Sega, H.I.C.
  • Publisher: Sega
  • Series: The House of the Dead
  • Platform: Wii
  • Release Date: March 11, 2008
  • JP: March 19, 2008
  • AU: March 27, 2008
  • EU: March 28, 2008
  • Genre: Rail shooter
  • Mode: Single-player, multiplayer

7. Geometry Wars: Galaxies – Nintendo Wii

Geometry Wars: Galaxies - Nintendo Wii

Geometry Wars” Galaxies’s objective is to survive and score as many points possible by eliminating a constant, increasing number of enemies. The game is played in a closed, 2-dimensional world. When the player dies, the game ends.

The player controls a claw-shaped “ship”, which can move and fire simultaneously in all directions. Movement and firing are controlled separately via the Wii’s and DS unique motion controls.

Screen-clearing bombs can be pressed to eliminate enemies or missiles instantly. Wii’s version uses the Wii Remote pointer, buttons and buttons to aim and fire. The Nunchuk’s analog stick can assign movement and bombs respectively.

  • Initial release date: November 20, 2007
  • Series: Geometry Wars
  • Genre: Shoot ’em up
  • Developers: Bizarre Creations, Kuju
  • Publishers: Sierra Entertainment, Vivendi Games
  • Platforms: Wii, Nintendo DS
  • Nominations: BAFTA Games Award for Best Handheld Game

8. Metal Slug Anthology – Nintendo Wii

Metal Slug Anthology - Nintendo Wii

Metal Slug Anthology, a intense shooter for Nintendo Wii and other platforms, is available. There are many controller options for the Wii version. The majority of them use the Wii Remote. The Japanese version supports the Classic Controller, while all regional versions support the GameCube controller. SNK Playmore, a third-party developer of Nintendo consoles since the SNES era, is also returning to the game.

In later releases, the gameplay includes both run and gun elements and shoot ’em-up mechanics. A player can face off against many enemies using powerful weapons. Contact with an enemy can result in damage. This series allows the enemy to make a melee assault and for him to attempt his own melee attack, if he has one.

  • Initial release date: December 14, 2006
  • Series: Metal Slug
  • Mode(s): Single-player, 2 player co-op
  • Platforms: Personal computer, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Portable, Wii, PlayStation 2, PSP-E1000, PlayStation Vita, PlayStation 3
  • Developers: SNK, Nazca Corporation, Noise Factory, Mega Enterprise, Terminal Reality
  • Genres: Arcade game, Run and gun, Scrolling shooter
  • Publishers: SNK, UTV Ignition Games

9. Sniper Elite – Nintendo Wii

Sniper Elite - Gameplay Trailer (Wii) - YouTube

Sniper Elite, is a fun 3rd person action shooter game for the Nintendo Wii. It has a great setting, sound effects and graphics, and also offers a 2-player co-op mode. The only downside is that what seem to be bad controls make the game less enjoyable.

  • Brand: Maximum Games
  • Operating system: Nintendo Wii
  • Hardware platform: Nintendo Wii
  • Genre: Action Shooter
  • Number of players: 2

10. Remington Super Slam Hunting Alaska Wii

Remington Super Slam Hunting Alaska Wii

In the arcade-style Remington Super Slam Hunting Alaska, gamers can hunt down and kill the most magnificent animals North America has. As they hunt in 35 different Alaskan locations, players will be equipped with over 35 weapons and accessories. Multiplayer options include competitive or co-op hunting for up to four players, and Remington Super Slam Hunting Alaska offers online leaderboards and more than 150 medals and trophies.

  • Publisher: Mastiff, LLC
  • Release Year: 2011
  • Genre: Sports
  • Number of Players: 1-4

11. Nerf N Strike

Nerf N Strike Wii

Nerf N-Strike, a video game created by EA Salt Lake and published by Electronic Arts for the Wii. It is a rail shooter that focuses on Nerf’s toy dart bombers. The Nerf Switch Shot EX-3 is an optional blaster that can be used to play the game or as a real Nerf blaster. Nerf created various blasters for the game.

  • Developer: EA Salt Lake
  • Publisher: Electronic Arts
  • Designer: Kyle Pew
  • Composer: James Dooley
  • Platform: Wii
  • Release: October 28, 2008
  • Genre: Rail shooter
Arcade Shooting Gallery - Nintendo Wii

The laughter of parents taking their children for rides makes you smile. All the robot clowns and other friendly characters that used to be there have gone mad, causing chaos in this otherwise peaceful park. Your mission in Arcade Shooting Gallery is clear. This third-person shooter has a cartoony feel and players take on the roles of Tony or Melissa.

To restore order in the park, shoot down enemies using laser guns bubble bomb pistols, and other weapons. You can explore the carnival and take down any enemy that appears. But be aware, these enemies won’t go down quietly. You’ll be safe and sound at home if you can defeat their attacks

  • Developer: Zoo Games, CyberPlanet Interactive
  • Genre: Action, Shooter, Shooter, Light Gun, Light Gun
  • Cheats: On GameFAQs
  • Rating: E10+

13. Ultimate Shooting Collection – Nintendo Wii

Ultimate Shooting Collection Review (Wii) | Nintendo Life

Three Unique and Distinct Shooters in one – Each shooter has unique play mechanics that set it apart from the rest. This is the ultimate value, and a shooter fan’s dream come true. All the games are challenging. Players must balance between staying alive and achieving high scores.

The titles have stunning graphics that make good use of the cel shaded look and bullet layouts that are visually breathtaking. It is very easy to read, with a large number of bullets that will keep your eyes on the screen.

Each title offers multiple options, including 2-3 different ships with different weapons and special moves. It can take a while to master one shooter, so make sure you have plenty of time to master each of these skilled shooters.

  • Initial release date: April 10, 2008
  • Developer: MileStone Inc.
  • Genre: Shoot ’em up
  • Publishers: MileStone Inc., UFO Interactive Games
  • Platforms: Xbox 360, Wii

14. Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles

Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles

Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles ]is a light-gun shooter video game for Wii that was developed by Capcom, Cavia and part of the Resident Evil Series.

The plot of the game revolves around the characters in the series. A new chapter is also featured. The Resident Evil 2 segment sees the player take control of Claire Redfield and Leon S. Kennedy, while Sherry Birkin acts as an escort.

  • Initial release date: November 17, 2009
  • Mode: Multiplayer video game
  • Series: Resident Evil
  • Platforms: Wii, PlayStation 3
  • Developers: Cavia, Capcom
  • Nominations: IGN Wii Award for Best Shooting Game, IGN Wii Award for Visual Excellence
  • Engine: Havok, MT Framework

15. Deer Drive with Blaster Hunting Bundle

15. Deer Drive with Blaster Hunting Bundle

Deer Drive combines hunting simulation with arcade-style pick-up and play action for an engaging gaming experience. Deer Drive is the first game to allow simultaneous two-player play. Deer Drive also features many game modes including four-player party mode, true sound effects, passive or aggressive prey, as well as a variety of hunting weapons.

  • Pick-Up and Play: Lock, load, & take down some dollars. Be ready to defend yourself against aggressive mountain lions and bears, charging moles, and other dangerous situations
  • Multiplayer: You can play head-to-head in multiplayer with a friend, or with up four people in Party Mode
  • Changeable weather conditions: create dynamic hunting conditions on varied terrain

Were we missing any shooting games for Wii? Let us know in the comments! If you’ve already moved onto the Nintendo Switch, check out these shooters games for the Switch.

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