World First “No Death” Hardcore Ragnaros Kill Confirmed on WoW Season of Mastery

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The race to the world first no death Molten Core Clear in WoW Season of Mastery is officially over with the guild named HC Elite doing the unthinkable task of full clearing the buffed version of the SoM MC raid without their characters ever dying since level 1.

This all went down on a Season of Mastery PVE Realm with the Rag kill being clocked in at at 7:54 EST. The group of elite gamers were led by popular streamers Kargoz, Graysfordays, No Hit Jerome amongst others.

There were two deaths total during the Ragnaros kill.

Molten core has been significantly buffed and World Buffs Disabled in SoM.

Kargoz, the founder of Classic Hardcore (Road to Ragnaros) built the hardcore WoW Community and resulting challenge months before Blizzard officially implemented the Soul of Iron buff (showing you have never died) on the live Seasonal server.

It’s been a long road with a lot of deaths along the way and countless griefers used tactics to slow their progress along the way such as summoning infernals on hardcore characters, kiting dragons to major cities and forcing PVE characters to flag for PvP so they can be ganked with mind control items.

According to their official rules, If you die during the leveling process or at 60 you delete your character forever.

Congrats champs, now go take a break from WoW, you earned it!

You can watch the kill on YouTube:

What is Classic Hardcore?

World of Warcraft Classic Hardcore is a community gaming mode, developed to give an extra level of challenge to players. One life, if you die, you have to delete your character.

What are the rules of Classic Hardcore?

Death = Delete

You only have 1 life, if you DIE you must Delete character or leave it as a Perma-Ghost.


No restrictions, all professions are allowed.


All talents are allowed – go wild!

Gear & Items

You can use ALL gear that you self craft or obtain yourself via quests, drops or NPC traders (all rarities).

Auction House

No Auction House. No Player to player mail (collecting NPC mail is permitted). Your personal bank can be used.


No Trading Of Any Kind with Other Characters (even for conjurables).

Buffs & Player interaction

World and Player buffs, and assistance are permitted, so long as you DO NOT ASK for them, or continue taking help.


No Grouping Out in the Open World (unless you are en route to your Hardcore Dungeon).


Full Hardcore Dungeon Groups are Authorized but only 1 Run of Each Dungeon Per Character (unique dungeon ID). Dungeon Quests Are Authorized.
Authorized Dungeon levels.

Forbidden abilities and actions

Warlocks can’t resurrect via SS, Shamans can’t resurrect via Ankh, Paladins can’t Bubble Hearth, no Light of Elune + Hearthstone. No Using the Auto Unstuck Feature to Teleport to Major Cities.

Store Mounts

The TBC Blizzard Store Mount Reawakened Phase Hunter is not allowed to be used for Hardcore runs.


At max-level, you earn your IMMORTALITY and become an Immortal with insane bragging rights!

PvP & Battlegrounds

You can engage in open world PvP and the STV Arena events, if you so desire. How ever joining Battlegrounds and using ranking and PvP faction gear is forbidden.

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