Twitch Suspends Amazon Prime Video Channel

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It can sometimes be awkward when you have no choice but to bite the hand that feeds you. That’s the position Amazon-owned Twitch was in after it suspended a channel belonging to Amazon Prime Video’s Spanish arm.

The channel recently streamed the last 2021 episode of Esto Es Un Late, a Spanish panel show. For the most part, the episode was fine and even featured several big streamers.

However, things got out of hand several hours into the stream.

Comedian and host Henar Alvarez tempted fate and lifted up her shirt. The camera quickly cut away and eventually returned to Alvarez, only for her to lift her shirt again. This time, she briefly showed her breast before the stream abruptly ended.

Twitch did not provide a reason for the suspension. However, the channel was seemingly in violation of Twitch’s community guidelines on Nudity, Pornography, and Other Sexual Content.

This isn’t a full ban. It’s the channel’s first suspension, so it should be back within 30 days.

For her part, Alvarez has not yet responded to the suspension. That said, she retweeted a few comments from others showing sympathy for the suspended Twitch channel.

Multiple suspensions could lead to an indefinite suspension. That would be quite a look for a platform Amazon owns, but only time will tell.

Williams Pelegrin

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