Bungie CEO Responds to Report of Toxic Work Environment

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In a published blog post, Bungie CEO Pete Parsons responded to IGN’s report of an alleged toxic work environment at the game development studio.

The report featured interviews from 26 former and current employees. According to the claims, senior-level staff abused and sexually discriminated against lower-level employees.

In one instance, a Destiny narrative team lead continually required story revisions. As a result, the team worked long hours to complete the revisions.

Members of the narrative team reportedly reached out to human resources and the CEO for assistance. They didn’t receive responses until several writers resigned or threatened to quit.

Other instances reportedly included male employees making racist and sexist remarks toward women. Also, senior staff reportedly questioned women about their abilities to perform their jobs.

In his response to the report, Parsons apologized to “anyone who has ever experienced anything less than a safe, fair, and professional working environment.”

Parsons said Bungie “removed bad actors from our studio” and doubled down on its efforts to ensure employee health. He also said the company “reconstituted and invested in our efforts toward a stronger inclusion.”

However, Parsons said Bungie’s progress “is not enough, and it has taken too long.” He also said this progress does not push aside “the bad experiences people have had at our studio.”

“We are not yet the studio we have the potential to become, but we are on our way,” said Parsons.

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