Amazon Might Be Close to Making a Mass Effect Show

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According to a Deadline report, Amazon Studios is nearing a deal to develop a series based on Mass Effect.

Neither Electronic Arts nor BioWare have officially announced a series. Also, the report did not mention who would star in the series or what its plot could be. However, there have been a few bread crumbs laid out in recent times.

Earlier in 2021, Mass Effect Legendary Edition’s project director said it’s “not a matter of if, but when” there is a movie or TV show. Also, actor Henry Cavill teased a secret project on his Instagram profile in February. Internet sleuths eventually figured out the blurred image was a print-out of Mass Effect 3’s Wikipedia entry.

Going even further back, Legendary Pictures acquired the rights to a Mass Effect movie in 2010. However, nothing materialized from the deal.

According to the report, the Mass Effect series is the result of Amazon doubling down on adaptations.

That’s thanks to the reported success of The Wheel of Time. Deadline reported the series logged the highest completion rate of any Amazon series at launch. Also, the show topped the social media charts.

Amazon Studios head Jennifer Salke did not disclose other viewership info. However, she confirmed The Wheel of Time is “definitely trending to exceed our expectations which were high.”

Then there’s the success of The Boys, an Emmy-nominated comic book adaptation. When also factoring in the pre-release hype for the upcoming The Lord of the Rings movie, Amazon seems high on adaptations right now.

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