THQ Nordic 10th Anniversary Event Promises Exciting Announcements, Free Games

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THQ Nordic is hosting a special digital event tomorrow as a means of celebrating its 10th anniversary. The event, which will be hosted by none other than Geoff Keighley is set to feature a bunch of new game announcements. In addition, the 10th anniversary celebration will also bring with it a week-long publisher sale on Steam along with two free games that you can claim and keep forever. Provided you grab them before the end of the sale.

THQ Nordic is being tight-lipped regarding the upcoming announcements, however, we do have some idea of what to expect thanks to a press release published earlier today. “Witness the return of legendary franchises, where the fans are waiting for decades to get their hands on a new installment, sequels to beloved games, and new original IPs,” reads the press release.

Possible Announcements

One of the mentioned legendary franchises set to return is presumably Gothic. Back in early 2020, THQ Nordic green-lighted the development of a Gothic 1 remake after releasing a playable prototype for the game just a couple of months prior. Although the teaser itself was met with mixed reviews, fans of the venerable RPG showed up in droves to support the idea of reviving the series. Ideally, in a way that does the original justice. The publisher set up a new studio to helm the project, which was initially called THQ Barcelona before changing its name to Alkimia Interactive. We wouldn’t hear about the remake again until March of 2021 when Alkimia revealed a bunch of new Gothic 1 Remake screenshots as a means of celebrating the game’s 20th anniversary.

Another game that’s very likely to make an appearance at the event is the recently leaked Destroy All Humans 2 remake. The remake was leaked by Sony yesterday on the official PlayStation Twitter account. THQ Nordic has been teasing the remake since February so this leak didn’t come as a huge surprise. However, we did learn courtesy of it that the game will go by the name Destroy all Humans Reprobed. In addition, Sony also leaked the remake’s trailer, which confirms Black Forest Games as the developer.

As far as other possible announcements are concerned, all we can do is speculate. THQ Nordic has acquired a lot of franchises over the years, many of which could do with a new installment. A few noteworthy examples include Darksiders, Kingdoms of Amalur, Spellforce, and The Guild. Speculations aside, Elex 2 and Expeditions: Rome are the only titles confirmed to be present at the event.

Steam Sale and Free Games

No celebration is complete without a Steam sale. The THQ Nordic publisher sale kicks off on September 16th at 10 AM PT and will last until September 23rd at 10 AM PT. You can expect massive discounts on most games published by the company, including the likes of Biomutant, Desperados III, Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning, Destroy All Humans, and more.

Even if you’re not particularly interested in the sales you should still check out Steam during this period because THQ Nordic is giving away two free games. The first is Titan Quest Anniversary Edition, a remaster of the hack-and-slash RPG that comes complete with the Immortal Throne expansion. The second freebie is Jagged Alliance Gold Edition. This is an oldie but goodie that first came out way back in 1984. Jagged Alliance is one of the oldest XCOM like games out there and has served as an important source of inspiration for Julian Gollop when he created the first XCOM.

In addition to those two, you can also play Desperados III for free between September 16th and September 20th.

Special 10th anniversary sales will also be available on the Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch digital marketplaces.

When and Where

THQ Nordic’s digital showcase will take place on September 17th at 9 PM EST/12 PM PST and will be streamed live on YouTube, Twitch, and Steam on the official THQ Nordic channels.

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