Gachalog #1: 4 new events from gacha games you should play | 26 aug – 1 sep

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Hi everyone! Welcome to this experiment named Gachalog, where we will be talking about recent events you can play right now from famous and sometimes obscure gacha games. Does your favorite and popular game not appear here? Leave us a comment to add it to the upcoming rooster.

4. Final Fantasy Brave Exvius: War of the Visions

A couple of days ago the game launched its Final Fantasy VII Remake collaboration, with Tifa and Cloud units joining the game. There is also a gift with 4,000 Visiore, the game’s currency (that’s like 2 multis) and very cool campaigns to obtain a lot of resources. Oh and Tifa is given out for FREE! To every player! So if you are a huge fan of Final Fantasy and especially the 7th entry, this is your time to try it out.

3. Marvel Future Revolution

A new Marvel game! Which was released just recently on August 25. How cool is that? The news is that this is a brand new game so go try it out! I’m downloading it right now so stay in touch for more information in the next article.

2. Final Fantasy Brave Exvius

Along with an extra week of the Final Fantasy VI event with a new Celes NV unit and a point system event, FFBE just added its new brand Global original unit, Ygni. An evil Mogu! With 2 new bosses and a ton of rewards. And if you are a veteran unit, if you log in on September 2nd, you will receive tickets according to the days you logged in. That could mean a lot of awesome and cool rewards. So go ahead and check it out!

1. One Piece Treasure Cruise

This week and for the entirety of September, OPTC may just have the biggest and most exciting event. The game just got its 11.0 Version, which includes a lot of new mechanics like the Pirate Alliance feature, a clan-making perk for certain events. However, the most important announcement is The Long Voyage campaign. If you download the game right now, you get 2 multis, but not just any multis. One where you get 11 Sugo Fest units (legends ones) and another where the last character is one special unit debuted from August 26, 2020 (which is a really nice deal). All of this for free! Also, there is a current point system event with a lot of rewards and the upcoming release of Monkey D. Luffy, Trafalgar D. Law and Eustass Captain Kid, three new units with a lot of power.

As you can imagine, these games are the ones I play the most, so if you have a suggestion for a gacha game I should try out, leave me a comment down below to see it showcased in the next Gachalog. And don’t forget to check all the other articles my fellow writers have for you right here, at FictionTalk. Until the next time!

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